SSC CHSL (10+2) Previous Years Question papers in Pdf (2008 – 2016)

SSC CHSL (10+2) Previous Years Question papers in Pdf (2008 – 2016)

SSC CHSL (10+2) Previous Years Question papers in Pdf (2008 – 2016),SSC CHSL 2016 Tier-1 All Question Papers with Answer keys PDF Download.Team Qmaths have managed to collect almost all questions and response sheet of SSC CHSL 2016 Tier 1 Examination. We are sharing all those questions here in this post. The actual credit goes to all the kind and helpful aspirants who took time and efforts from their busy schedule and e-mail their Questions Sets to Qmaths.  As promised we have maintained Privacy of all the candidates.These Questions are very important for upcoming SSC CHSL 2017 Examination.

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SSC CHSL 2016 Tier-1 Question-Answers Set by


YearSSC CHSL 10+2 previous Year Question papers (2008 – till now)
201501 November 2015 Morning Shift
15 November 2015 Morning Shift
1 November 2015 Evening Shift
15 November 2015 Morning Shift
201402 November 2014 Morning Shift
TF No. – 567MK8
02 November 2014 Evening Shift
TF No. – 890RJ3
09 November 2014 Morning Shift
TF No. – 513MP7
09 November 2014 Evening Shift
TF No. – 129TN7
201320 October 2013 Morning Shift20 October 2013 Eveing Shift 
TF No- 654SH7
27 October 2013 Morning Shift 
TF No- 005LQ6
27 October 2013 Evening Shift
TF No.- 987TG610 November 2013 Evening Shift
TF No.- 002PM3TF No.- 000KG1
2012TF No.- 987TO9TF No.- 871PM3
TF No. – 431PM3TF No.- 334PK9
TF No- 012PN5TF No. – 012PG9
Paper held on 21-10-2012Paper held on 28-10-2012
Paper held on 04 November 2012
2011TF No.- 556PT3TF No.- 555KP5
Paper held on 11-12-2011
201027-11-201028-11-2010 Morning
28-11-2010 Evening

SSC CHSL (10+2) Previous Years Question papers in Pdf (2008 – 2016)

SSC CHSL Descriptive Paper 2016: Letter & Essay Asked in Exam

SSC CHSL Descriptive Paper 2016: Letter & Essay Asked in Exam SSC CHSL Descriptive Paper 2016: Letter & Essay Asked in SSC 10+2 Exam: What questions asked in SSC CHSL 2016 Descriptive Exam? Many candidates are searching descriptive question who will be appearing at any Descriptive test.

SSC CHSL Document Verification 2015 – What documents to carry for SSC 10+2?

SSC CHSL Document Verification 2015 – What documents to carry for SSC 10+2? SSC CHSL Document Verification 2015 – What documents to carry for SSC 10+2?.

SSC CHSL 2016 Rank List (Tier 1 + Tier 2) PDF Download


Compilation of GK One Liners asked in SSC CHSL 2016 Tier-1 (74 Sets) PDF


Latest Salary Chart of SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS as per Seventh Pay Commission (wef 01-07-2017)


90 days study plan for SSC CHSL 2017

90 days study plan for SSC CHSL 2017,We are sharing with you some preparation strategy and tips for SSC CHSL 2017.First note that all aspirants have their own preparation strategies,strong and weak points and their own situations so may be these tips are helpful or may not be helpful so don’t confuse and stick to your plan and be Page on here are the tips

1.You have 3 months from now and these 3 months will decide your future of 30 years.

your single day of these three months will decide your 120 days of your upcoming life Resources and Information. decision is yours so don’t waste a single day of your life because now in SSC competition is really tough.All aspirants who are preparing for UPSC, PSC are giving SSC as backup plan.All those who are already working in Central government(as non interview posts),in Banks(as PO,AO and Clerk ) and in private companies are preparing for SSC.

2.Don’t distract from technology or any other activity.

Fix a time for whtsapp and Facebook or calling to your friend.Turn off your net while doing study and stay away from mobile and laptop. Don’t be a slave of Technology.

3.Is attending Coaching is Necessary for selection.

If you have time and your concepts are not clear and if you think that you cannot get selection then you can take coaching but remember some points that don’t even think that you can not get selection without Coaching |  there are large number of candidates those are selected by self study.Some times you become completely dependent on coaching that when Sir/madam complete the syllabus I will also complete that and when syllabus is completed you have no time to do mock  also happen that due to taking coaching you are not able to do self study so self study is very important with coaching.Sometimes 4 hours of self study at home will better that 2 hour of class because when you take class in coaching of two hours actually your 6-7 hours will consumed. So if you are taking any coaching try to make best use of it and some times you will be demotivated and bored with studies and some negative thoughts appears on your mind so you can take any coaching or mock test to be regular and keep in touch with other students.(Thoda hafte me do-teen bar ghumna bhi jaruuri hai)But if you are not financially strong, no need for any coaching, self study is Page on decision is upto you to do or not to do Coaching.If you do coaching, make best use of it.

4.How many hour should I study.

See You need a time table for study and fix your number of hours for study but don’t think that if you study 3 hours only you cannot selected and if you study 6 hours you will definitely selected.I am giving you a example.Suppose a aspirant is already prepared for CAT in B-tech Final year but not able to score good to get in Top College so he joined any private company through campus selection and after 2 years in that job now he is preparing for SSC. Now that aspirant already prepared well for English,Maths and Reasoning in even if he study 2-4 hours daily without any coaching and 6-7 hours in Weekends it is sufficient for him because he has to prepare only for GK and has to practice some mock test but in other case for Example if any Graduate from Science stream has not studied Maths and English, he has to prepare very hard because all the syllabus is new for him and he has to start from scratch and clear his basics.You he need to give his full time and give their best for Page on studies.soI am trying to say that try to study as much as u can.Don’t think that for selection a specific number of hours you have to Study Resources and Information. differs from person to person and depend on intelligence level and preparation level.

5.Should I leave my Job for Study:

Answer of this question depend on your condition which is differs from person to person.Resigning from any job is very tough decision and effects a lot in complete career and decision is to be taken very wisely.One point to be noted that 35-50% candidates who got posts already in job don’t think that you have to leave your job for study.If you are in private job it is really tough task to prepare for SSC because you have to change your stream and very risky because you bet your career,your Rating or bands and Promotion .In my opinion Don’t Resign from any company,forget about rating,Page on is really tough to get good rating and promotion and Selection in SSC both so you have to compromise. Try to make best use of your office.For example in free time you can read pdf of English Vocabulary or rules on your PC or mobile.(I used to make excel of Word list and paste in Oracle SQL and read it 😛 and if you are reading pdf on mobile no one knows what are you doing).Try to make best use of lunch time and breakfast time. Don’t waste your single minute in gossip.Don’t tell any one in Office that you are preparing for Government jobs even to your best friend in office.Try to get long leave of 15-20 days before exams and study daily 4-5 hours in the morning and Page on evening.inoffice try to study 1-2 hours in free time.If you are working I advice you to live in single room or with or without partner.If you live in Flat with group of friends you have to participate in Weekend parties and it is really disturbing.Forget your weekends for Parties or Shopping.These weekend time is really precious and don’t waste it.

6.How to prepare for GK in three months

For GK recommend book is Lucent and you can also buy Arihant Gk Book.Don’t follow any capsule for GK from any website because SSC GK is too vast and even you study complete Lucent you will be able to 20-35 questions only so how can a capsule of 100 page is Useful information, accurate information, find information GK read Lucent book or Arihant Gk Book first and current affairs of 9-12 months from date of Examination and if you have time, you can also consult any notes, capsule or NCERT books.GK is infinite so you can study as much as u can but GK weightege is 50/600 marks so dont try to give too much on GK because.Try to give more time on English and Maths that will also in Tier II.You can also refer kiran or GhatnaChakra or any other books or coaching material for reference.For working people we suggest that first they cover Lucent.

7.How to prepare for reasoning in three months

SSC reasoning is very easy and it requires good speed and accuracy.For reasoning recommended book is R.S. Agrawal(Click here to buy).For reasoning you can buy Chapterwise Kiran Reasoning previous Year papers.of SSC so that you will get fair idea of questions of SSC Examination.For working people we suggest to solve Chapter wise questions of previous years paper of SSC.

8.How to prepare for English in three months.

Tier I English is divided into 3 parts(Grammar,Vocab/Idioms,Unseen passage)
First Clear your grammar basics first.You can refer any book like S.P. Bakshi(In English),or A mirror of Common errors by Ashok Kumar Singh(in Hindi),or Plinth to Paramount or your coaching notes and previous years paper of Kiran Chapterwise(In english) or Previous years paper of SSC of English by Ajay Kumar SIngh(In Hindi language).
If you practice more your accuracy will increase and may be you will able to find question in exam that you already had done in practice because some question of grammar are repeated or some little change in questions.
Second is good command in vocabulary:
For vocabulary recommended book is Word Power made Easy by Norman Lewis.Try to complete this book.Word of this books comes in different examination.Some Pdf for vocabulary is already shared in our website you can also refer them.Try to mug Idioms and phrases as much u can
Third is Unseen passage.
If you want to improve your English Read Hindu News Paper daily either online or offline.Reading this newspaper gives you good command in Vocabulary and Unseen Passage and Parajumbling.
If you don’t like to read Hindu you also refer any small novel or article published in any Paper if you have time to study.

9.How to prepare for maths in three months.

Recommend books for clearing your basics in Maths are Sarvesh Kumar Verma(Arihant Prakashan) or Quantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma.You need to study concepts from any of these books and workout some examples and try to solve level of difficulty one questions only.Around 12 chapters are there and 50-60 questions per chapter are there so you need to solve total of 600-800 questions after studying concept and examples.I do’t think it is very tough task as it appeared to students that how can i solve these books so don’t fear from Maths and try to solve questions.Any of these two books are required if you are doing self study.After clearing your concepts you need to solve Mock test as much as u can and previous years questions Page on CGL 12 questions level are really tough and questions are not repeated but in CGL 14 some questions are repeated and based on old pattern and some change in Data and some news questions are also If you have time We recommend you to solve SSC Previous years chapter wise questions by Kiran for mathematics(In english Language) or SSC Previous years chapter wise questions by GhatnaChakra(In Hindi launguage) or any other book.You can also refer Paramount book for Maths.Its upto your choice which book you like but whichever book you like try to complete it first and then go to other book

Click here to Download All books for SSC

I hope you will like these tips and if you also try to add some valuable tips ayou all are welcome. Plz write your tips in comments so other may be helped.We will edit this post and add your tips

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