SSC CGL 2017 Questions asked on 8 August 2017 (All Shifts)

Questions asked in SSC CGL 2017 All Shifts (08-08-2017)

General Awareness (GK) Questions asked in SSC CGL 2017 Tier-1 Exam (08 August 2017)


SHIFT I (Based on Memory)


  1. Winner of Oscar award 2017 for best Film ?  Moonlight.
  2. Citizen and society book is written by? Hamid Ansari
  3. Highest production of opium? Afghanistan
  4. Which Acid is present in Ant Sting? Formic Acid
  5. No of writs ? 5
  6. Cholera was discovered by? Filippo Pacini
  7. LAN Stands for ? Local area Network
  8. New Scheme of Indian Railways : Ans Vikalm Scheme
  9. Itai itai disease is caused by ? Cadmium
  10. Which State has longest coastline: Gujrat
  11. MOU signed between which countries for Water conversation in India ? India and Israel 
  12. Who built the Vijay Stambh? Rana Kumbha
  13. Who is the ex officio president of the Indian Parliamentary Group? Lok Sabha Speaker
  14. Match the following Questions on Mithali Raj, Lalita Babar, poonam rani ? Cricket, 3000m Race, Hockey respectively
  15. Xylem is Used to ? transport water from roots to shoots and leaves
  16. Five kingdom classification was given by.? Whittaker
  17. Monument Built by Rana Pratap Singh : Chittorgarh Fort
  18. Who said swaraj hamara janam sidh adhikar hai ? Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  19. Bud grows from which part of the plant? Branch
SHIFT II (Based on Memory)
  1. Who invented dynamite?: Alfred Nobel
  2. Todar mal was the finance minister of which mughal Emperor? Akhbar
  3. Schedule 4 of Indian Constitution is about? Allocation of Seats in Rajya Sabha
  4. Which Diseases is caused due to bite of Female Anopheles mosquito ? Malaria
  5. How many fundamental duties are there in Indian Constitution? 11
  6. Saffron is obtained from which part of plant?  Stigma
  7. Rovers cup is related to which sport ? Football
  8. At which place gravity is highest ? Poles
  9. Anemia is caused due to deficiency of? Iron
  10. Dronacharya Award awarding for swimming in 2016 ? S. Pradeep Kumar
  11. Maximum land Shared with country ? Bangladesh
  12. Neo malthusian principle related to? Resource Scarcity
  13. What is reduction? Gaining of an electron
  14. Humidity is measured by which device? hygrometer
  15. “Back to Vedas” slogan given by? Dayanand Saraswati
  16.  ____ transports water from roots to leaves in plants?  Xylem
  17. Which Metal is used in bulb? Tungsten (W)
  18. Author of Ace Against Odds Book: Sania Mirza
  19. Trees that lose all their leaves once a year are called? deciduous
  20. Which of the following is not a vector quantity? Speed
  21. Question related to primary, tertiary sector
  22. Entrepreneur scheme related question
  23. PNG, JPEG, GIF…
SHIFT III (Based on Memory)

  1. Which of the following is not a vector quantity? force, electric current, acceleration, velocity. : Electric current
  2. C++ is a : Programming language
  3. In which part of a body villi exist? Small Intestine
  4. Which living organism is segmented from head to tail? Annelida
  5. Most important source responsible for absorption of heat coming from sun and radiated by earth is?
  6. From which country India has taken the process of election of president? Ireland
  7. Discoverer of malaria causing germs? Charles louis alphonse laveran
  8. In which year, kyoto protocol came into force ? 1997
  9. Nobel prize in literature (2016) ? Bob Dylan
  10. Synapse is the gap between? Neuron and dendrite
  11. Which country has opened the world’s longest sea bridge? China
  12. Who is know for Hindu Muslim unity in Lucknow session?  Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  13. What are isobars? different elements with the same atomic weight
  14. what does quo warranto means? a writ requiring a person to show by what warrant an office  is held
  15. India recently celebrated 25 years of diplomatic relations with which country? Israel
  16. All activities n decision making power of self help group is taken by?
    a) RBI, b) member of groups, c)RRB, d) NGO
  17. Question about Harsha Vardhan era…
  18. Question on architecture of Lucknow?
  19. Match the following question on grand prix…


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