English Vocabulary from “The Hindu News Paper” – 4th August 2017

The NOTA principle – The Hindu (Aug 04, 2017)

The NOTA principle – The Hindu (Aug 04, 2017)

Should NOTA (none of the above) be an option in a State Assembly vote for the Rajya Sabha, as it is for the electorate in direct elections?… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

Courtesy: The Hindu

Word List-1

  1. electorate (noun) – all the people who entitled to vote in an election.
  2. provision (noun) – term, clause, requirement.
  3. open ballot (noun) – it is a voting method in which voters vote openly indicating the candidate of their choice. This is as opposed to a secret ballot, where a voter’s choices are confidential.
  4. proportional representation (noun) – an electoral system in which parties gain seats in Parliament in proportion to to the number of votes it received  in an election.
  5. first-past-the-post (phrase) – it is an electoral system in which a candidate with the most votes in each constituency wins and becomes the MP/MLA for that seat.
  6. render (verb) – furnish, give, provide.
  7. whip (noun) – a written notice provided by the party (whip) to their members to vote (to support the act).
  8. Anti-defection law – The 10th Schedule to the Constitution, popularly referred to as the ‘Anti-Defection Law,’ was inserted by the 52nd Amendment in 1985. The grounds of disqualification are specified in Paragraph 2 of the 10th Schedule. A member would incur a disqualification under paragraph 2 (1) (a) when he “voluntarily gives up his membership of a party” and under 2 (1) (b) when he/she votes (or abstains from voting) contrary to the directive issued by the party. (Courtesy: The Hindu).
  9. defiant (adjective) – uncooperative/non-compliant, confrontational, challenging.
  10. pertain to (verb) – concern, relate to, be connected with.
  11. mop up (phrasal verb) – garner, gather, collect.
  12. flock (noun) – a large number of people; crowd.
  13. meekly (adverb) – gently, softly/humbly, submissively.
  14. better off (phrasal verb) – in a more advantageous situation.

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