SSC CPO GK / GA Questions asked on 5th July 2017 (Shift 1 + Shift 2)

GK / GA Questions asked in SSC CPO 2017 Exam [Shift-1 +  Shift-2] (05 July 2017)

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As you know that SSC CPO 2017 Examination had started from 01-07-2017. Today is the Fifth Day (05-07-2017) of SSC CPO Examination. In this post we are sharing some of the Gk / GA Questions asked in First and Second Both shifts of this Exam. These questions are based on memory. Keep Visiting.



GK / GA Questions asked in SSC CPO 2017 Exam [Shift-1] (05 July 2017) Day-5


  • Judicial review taken from which country? – USA
  • Sagarmatha exercise is between which countries? – Nepal + China
  • The Great bath belongs to which civilization  ?
  • Who was given Padma – Vibhushan award for Art & music in 2016 – Kailash Kher
  • Who Invented electric telegram?
  • Who is known as the father of medicine ?
  • Sania mirza is related to which game? – Lawn Tennis
  • Virat kohali is related to which Game? – Cricket
  • First Law of thermodynamics? – Conservation of energy
  • Full form of NNP : Net national product.
  • Which planet takes more time to complete one rotation on its axis than to complete one revolution around the Sun?
  • Which 5 year plan was responsible for Rourkela and Bhilai Plant?
  • Mohiniattam is the dance of which state?
  • Battle of Haldighati ?
  • Stainless steel is made up of?
  • Winter solstice in Northern hemisphere on which date?
  • Which is not computer language – Linux
  • What is Devaluation of currency ?
  • One question related to Tailbone organ –
  • Legislative Assembly is not there in which state?
  • Barren island is in which country?
  • Amer fort was built by ?
  • One question was related to uric acid
  • Theory of natural selection
  • Meaning of strait –
  • Which wire is used in Heater – Ni-chrome
  • Semiconductor – Germanium
  • Taxila is present today in which country – Pakistan


GK / GA Questions asked in SSC CPO 2017 Exam [Shift-2] (05 July 2017) Day-5


  • Writ ordering a person to perform a public duty.- Mandamus
  • Which article defines appointment of Prime Minister? 75
  • Bamboo comes in which of these categories – Grass
  • India shares minimum boundary with which country- Afghanistan
  • Which is known as the suicidal bag of a cell? Lysosomes
  • One question on Jhumm Cultivation ? Shifting cultivation
  • Which Acid is known as vinegar? – Acetic acid
  • Panch Mahal was built by? Akbar
  • Where is Stapes Bone Present in human body? Ears
  • Which fundamental right was removed ? Right to property
  • maximum Members of Lok Sabha – 552
  • Who gave the law of conservation of electric charge? Faraday
  • How many agreements has India signed with Portugal in 2017?
  • Which one is found in the nails? Keratin
  • Computer program works on- binary system
  • Which of these have lowest melting point ? Gold, Silver, Carbon, Mercury: – Mercury
  • Who is founder of INC- A.O hume
  • Full form of CRR – Cash reserve ratio
  • Who can stop the preceding of assembly? Speaker
  • Which is known as Mound of dead – Mohanjodaro
  • In which Century Qutub Minar was Completed ? 13th century
  • Shiv thapa is related to – boxing
  • One Question on Ramasar convention ?
  • What is the cause of inflation? Increase of money in market
  • Shortugai is located in which country? Afganistan
  • Who won the Pulitzer award for book (2017) ?
  • Which is best conductor of electricity ?
  • open circulatory system : Cockroach and Prawn

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