English Vocabulary from “The Hindu News Paper” – 4th July 2017

Open acres – The Hindu (Jul 04, 2017

Open acres – The Hindu (Jul 04, 2017)

The recently unveiled Open Acreage Licensing Policy and the National Data Repository together are a significant and welcome step towards… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

Courtesy: The Hindu

Word List-1

  1. hydrocarbon (noun) – it is an organic compound consisting entirely of hydrogen and carbon which are the main components of petroleum and natural gas.
  2. exploration (noun) – investigation, search, inspection (of an area for natural resources).
  3. unveil (verb) – present, disclose, make public.
  4. repository (noun) – store, storing place, storehouse.
  5. discretion (noun) – choice, option, preference.
  6. bid (verb) – offer, tender, propose.
  7. deem (verb) – regard as, consider; think/suppose.
  8. put up (phrasal verb) – propose, put forward, present.
  9. prospective (adjective) – potential, probable, likely.
  10. swathe (noun) – a broad area of something.
  11. reserve (noun) – stock, store, supply.
  12. woo (verb) – tempt, coax, persuade.
  13. cohesive (adjective) – united, integrated, cooperated.
  14. envisage (verb) – foresee, predict, forecast.
  15. open up (phrasal verb) – create, make, bring (an advantage).
  16. incentivise (verb) – encourage, motivate, prompt.
  17. accustomed (adjective) –  customary, usual, ordinary/typical.
  18. acreage (noun) – area of the (agricultural) land.
  19. objective (noun) – aim, intention, purpose.
  20. appetite (noun) – a strong desire, craving, hunger/thirst.

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