English Vocabulary from “The Hindu News Paper” – 22nd July 2017

The bind in Bihar – The Hindu (Jul 22, 2017)

The bind in Bihar – The Hindu (Jul 22, 2017)

As India’s 14th President, Ram Nath Kovind will be expected to play the important role of safeguarding the spirit of the Constitution and the foundations of our parliamentary democracy….. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

Courtesy: The Hindu

Word List-1

  1. bind (noun) – predicament, awkward/difficult  situation, quandary/dilemma.
  2. fleeting (adjective) – brief, transient, short-lived.
  3. disentangle (verb) – free, disconnect, extricate.
  4. step down (phrasal verb) – resign, withdraw, give up one’s job.
  5. compromise (verb) – change one’s mind, give way, yield.
  6. make up one’s mind (phrase) – decide, come to a decision.
  7. pay off (phrasal verb) – succeed, be effective, be profitable.
  8. break away (phrasal verb) – leave, break/split with, separate from.
  9. ditch (verb) – leave, abandon; drop.
  10. ally (noun) – associate, colleague, partner
  11. take over (phrasal verb) – assume/take/gain control of, take charge of.
  12. yield (verb) – relinquish, surrender, hand over.
  13. appetite (noun) – desire, liking, craving/longing.
  14. manoeuvre (noun) – stratagem, tactic/trick, scheme.
  15. revive (verb) – reintroduce, re-establish, restore.
  16. crutch (noun) – a thing used for support; walking stick, cane.
  17. oblige (verb) – help, assist, serve.
  18. axe (verb) – terminate, drop, abandon.
  19. churn (noun) – disorder, confusion, mess up.
  20. at stake (phrase) – at risk.

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