SSC Exam Strategy by toppers

SSC exam strategy by toppers

SSC Exam Strategy by toppers.SSC is an organization floated by the Government of India to recruit candidates for various posts in ministries/departments under Group ‘B’ and Group ‘C’ cadre. There are three popular examinations conducted by SSC for candidates of various educational stages such as 10th level, 12th level and graduate level. This article is mostly about the way you should go about these exams in general so that you can get the desired job.

In this article, we have prepared the topicwise staretgy adopted by toppers to crack SSC exams. find out how books, practice tests, model papers and previous year papers are to be studied and exercised. How study notes and revising materials should be that, you can prepare it at the last time of the examinations as well. let us check it out: –

SSC Exam Strategy: The way to crack them

In any examination, there are certain basic subjects from which questions are asked. In any exam of SSC as well, there are four sections mainly:

  • General Knowledge
  • Reasoning ability
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • English language (Both objective and descriptive)

You have to be very strong in these subjects in order to get a job through SSC. The huge competition makes it necessary to score as high as possible in any SSC exam namely CGL, CHSL or MTS Exam. The strategy to be adopted for various major subjects is as follows:

SSC Exam Strategy

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SSC Exam Strategy  General Knowledge

This section is something you need to prepare as much as possible. The syllabus is vast for GK and you need to have a very good memory to retain what you read in this subject. These are the important things you should follow for SSC GK:

  • Finish the Lucent GK Book from the first to the last page. This book is like the Bible of General Knowledge for SSC Examinations. It covers all the important subjects such as history, geography, political science, economics, computer every single subject in the actual exam
  • You need to go through the current affairs for the last 12 months for SSC. The questions asked from this section are mostly factual in nature. So, retaining information holds the key for you
  • The most important thing regarding any SSC exam is that the questions are certainly going to be repeated from previous years. You have a book called Previous Year Questions Papers by Kiran Publication or you will also get the old question papers from online itself (SSC Portal is a good source for this). Take the papers of the exam for which you are preparing
  • Revision holds the most important part in this section. So, keep time to revise the whole book once you are done.
  • Do not go for more than Lucent book and current affairs can be read from daily newspapers or any standard site such as Jagran Josh CA Capsule etc. Wasting time on more than one book is definitely going to hamper your chances if scoring high in this section

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SSC Exam Strategy Reasoning Ability

It is considered as one of the most important sections in any SSC Examination. On the other hand, it is also the easiest section in this exam. You need to know the topics and the basics on those topics to have good command over this section. Here are the things that you should do to come out as a topper in any SSC Exam:

  • Go for the Bible of Reasoning Ability, RS Aggarwal first. This book explains all the topics that need to be covered in one cover only. The first thing is to finish this particular book at least once.
  • Practice holds the key for your good score in any SSC Exam. You will definitely be benefited if you practice more. It means first going through questions from one chapter only and after that, you should go for full length tests.
  • Previous year papers must invariably be solved if you are serious about success in SSC. In this regard, it is relevant to mention that SSC certainly repeats questions. So, keep the test papers of previous years handy and practice questions from there.
  • Reasoning is the easiest section in any SSC Exam. You need to have good command in all the topics only. For that, revise the chapters before one moth of the exam and try to finish the book once more. After this, your authority can never be challenged in case of Reasoning section.

How to prepare for SSC CGL 2017 without Coaching by Sagar Gupta

SSC Exam Strategy Quantitative Aptitude

Another important section to take note for SSC exams is Quantitative Aptitude. For SSC CGL at least, you need to have good command over this section. If you are good in math and reasoning, you can crack SSC very easily since English is mostly confusing and GK being luck based completely. Here are the things that you should do in this section:


SSC CGL preparation strategy by SSC CGL Rank Holders

SSC Exam Strategy English Language

Most of the candidates are afraid of this section because English is not a language in which a lot of students are comfortable with. On top of that, it is the most confusing section in any SSC Exam. You are never sure of the correctness of the answer after coming out of the exam hall. You have to wait for the results to be sure of your marks in this section. However, there are certain things that you should follow in this section:

Job Profiles of various posts under SSC CGL 2017 Exam

SSC Examinations are mainly based on these four subjects as mentioned above. Apart from these, if you are applying for specialized positions such as Junior Engineer or Junior Statistical Officer etc, you need to go through a paper based on your subject. The same rule of preparation applies for that as well.

The simple thing to top SSC that requires to be followed is: Study + Revise + Practice

SSC Exam Strategy

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