English Vocabulary from “The Hindu News Paper” – 23th June 2017

English Vocabulary from “The Hindu News Paper” – 23th June 2017

The clean-up begins – The Hindu (Jun 23, 2017)

Armed with the powers, a little over a month ago, to get lenders and defaulting borrowers to sit down and address the messy task of cleaning up toxic bad debts, the… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

Courtesy: The Hindu

Word List-1

  1. insolvency (noun) – failure/collapse;  financial ruin, bankruptcy, indebtedness.
  2. sit down (phrasal verb) – accept an unwelcoming situation.
  3. debts (noun) – bill, financial obligation, outstanding payment.
  4. whip (noun) – used to refer to something acting as a stimulus to action.
  5. regulatory (adjective) – executive, organizational, management.
  6. intervention (noun) – the action of intervening.
  7. imperative (noun) – necessary condition, requisite/requirement, necessity.
  8. ward off (phrasal verb) – prevent, avert, oppose/resist.
  9. underscore (verb) – call attention to, emphasize, highlight.
  10. recapitalisation (noun) – it is a type of corporate reorganization involving substantial change in a company’s capital structure, especially by replacing debt with stock.
  11. divulge (verb) – disclose, reveal, make known.
  12. in the wake of (phrase) – aftermath, as a consequence of, as a result of.
  13. downturn (noun) – setbacks, upsets, reverses/reversals.
  14. onus (noun) – responsibility, duty, burden.
  15. consortium (noun) – union, league, syndicate/corporation. Consortia is a plural form of consortium.
  16. expedite (verb) – speed up, accelerate, quicken.
  17. purview (noun) – range, scope, ambit.
  18. infancy (noun) – beginnings, early days/stages.
  19. curtail (verb) – reduce, cut down decrease/lessen.
  20. the proof of the pudding is in the eating (phrase)  – someone can only say something is a success after it has been tried out or used.
  21. retain (verb) – keep, maintain, reserve.
  22. at stake (phrase) – at risk /in question.
  23. liquidate (verb) – close down, wind up/dissolve, terminate.

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