Prepare Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning for SSC MTS 2017 (Tips)

Prepare Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning for SSC MTS 2017 (Tips)

Prepare Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning for SSC MTS 2017 (Tips).We have already uploaded strategy of preparing English section for SSC MTS exam. In continuation of that we are going to discuss strategy & tips to prepare Reasoning & Quantitative Aptitude for SSC MTS. Reasoning & Quantitative Aptitude are two most important topics of which total 50 questions are asked for 50 marks  in the SSC MTS exam pattern.

Here we will discuss strategy to prepare these two subjects for SSC MTS exam and we will tell you the topic wise marks distribution so that you will get to know how much time to invest in each topic. Just go through the article and make a study plan according to the things discussed here, it will be helpful for you and specially those students who don’t want to spend their money in coachings and want to do effective and smart preparation for their SSC MTS exam 2017. Make sure you read the full article to get maximum possible benefit from this. Let’s start

Topic wise marks distribution for Reasoning after analysis of previous year SSC MTS exam

  • Alphabet Test – 1 to 2 questions are asked.
  • Analogy -2 to 3
  • Arrangement of words in logical order – 1 to 2
  • Mathematical Operators – 1 to 2
  • Distance & Direction Test – 1
  • Logical Venn Diagrams-1
  • Miscellaneous-1
  • Missing Number- 1 to 2
  • Word Formation – – 1 to 2
  • Ranking / Arrangement- 1 to 2
  • Series- 1 to 2
  • Classification-2
  • Coding – Decoding-1
  • Syllogism-1
  • Cubes and Dice-1
  • Embedded Figures-1
  • Mirror Image and Water Image-1
  • Paper Cutting & Folding-1
  • Pattern Completion-1

SSC MTS Topic wise marks distribution of Quantitative Aptitude from previous year’s paper

  • Boat and Stream-1
  • Compound Interest-1
  • Mixture & Alligation- 1 to 2
  • Percentages- 2 to 3
  • Ratio & Proportion-2 to 3
  • Profit Loss and Discount- 3 to 4
  • Simplification-1
  • Simple Interest-1
  • Problem on Ages-1
  • Average-1
  • Time, Work and Wages- 2 to 3
  • Time, Speed and Distance-1 to 2
  • Bar Chart-2
  • Line Chart-2
  • Pie chart-2
  • Triangles-1 to 2
  • 2-D Mensuration-2
  • Divisibility Rules-1
  • HCF & LCM-1
  • Heights & Distances-1

SSC MTS 2017 Reasoning Preparation – Topic wise Strategy

Reasoning is a very scoring and easy section where most of the students score well but there are certain topics which are little confusing to understand. Here we will tell you how to prepare those difficult and confusing topics and score well.

Mirror Image and Water Image/ Paper Cutting & Folding: 1-2 questions are generally asked from this topic and they are very easy to answer. Students find this topic a bit difficult but trust me once you practice it, You will never miss any question from this topic.


This topic is very important not for only SSC MTS exam but for other SSC exams as well.

With little practice you can score full marks in this topic.Go through the notes and quizzes we have uploaded which can help you learning syllogism.

Distance & Direction

To learn this topic there is a simple trick. Imagine yourself in the question and follow your right hand to go in the right and left hand to move in the left direction. In this way you will be able to answer questions as they are very simple. Practice previous year questions and you are ready to rock.

For other topics of reasoning just go through our notes and attempt quizzes regularly.If you still feel nervous in these topics,post in the comment box and we will help you with your queries.


SSC MTS 2017 Quantitative Aptitude – Topic wise Strategy

Some people are not from maths background and they feel very nervous in this topic. There is nothing impossible if you desire to learn. We will discuss preparation strategy of few important topics and how to become master in them.

  1. Ratio & Proportion

This topic is very important because it is used in other topics like Profit & Loss,Simple interest & Compound Interest,Mixture & Alligation,Time work and Ages,Time Speed & Distance,Percentage.If you are really good in handling ratio & proportion,it becomes very easy to handle these other topics which we have mentioned here.

You can take help of NCERT book of 10th and 12th to prepare this topic.  Apart from this follow our notes and quizzes. For any queries, Post in the comment box.

  1. Geometry:

Geometry is a vast topic as it many subtopics like triangle, circle, ellipse, parabola etc.Don’t get panic because we just have to focus on those topics which are asked in SSC MTS exam. 1 or 2 questions are asked from triangles so focus on it. From other topics in geometry, questions are usually not asked in SSC MTS exam so once you are done with your syllabus and left with time then read other topics from geometry.

  1. Mensuration

For most of the students this topic is very challenging. For this topic just practice old papers because there are chances of repetition of questions in your exam. You can practice from NCERT book and build up your basics.

  1. Pie Chart (D.I)

One or two very easy questions are asked form this topic and you can easily master this topic. Solve Previous year questions and you will find how easy they are.

5. Profit & Loss

2 to 3 questions are asked from this topic and they are formula based.You just need to learn formulas and thier applications.Here is the link to check all the important notes of this topic.


Next problem comes how to practice maximum questions and overcome exam fear????

Here is the answer…….

  • We have uploaded very good notes to help you prepare quantitative aptitude and reasoning ability. Read the notes carefully and then practice previous year questions of SSC MTS exam just to check if you are able to solve questions of that topic or not. If yes then there are fair chances that you will solve questions of that topic in your main exam also but if no then go through the notes again and try to solve questions. For any queries post it in comment section and we will try to answer your queries as soon as possible.

  • Do not forget to solve previous year SSC MTS papers because many students work really hard for SSC MTS exam but they don’t practice so they don’t score well and sometimes don’t even get selected. Practicing more and more questions is very important in SSC MTS exam because you have to solve 150 questions in 120 minutes ( 2 hour). You should know how to manage your time for each section.

SSC MTS Reasoning Tips

  • 25 questions each from Reasoning and Quantitative aptitude sections are asked in SSC MTS exam Carrying total 50 marks. other 100 questions are asked from English and G.K section.You can invest 50-60 minutes to solve these two sections of which 40 minutes are ideal to solve quantitative aptitude.20 minutes are enough to solve reasoning.
  • Sometimes students make a mistake by investing a lot time in a particular section because they think I am very good in this topic so I will solve questions of this topic but guys this is the biggest mistake. Do not get emotionally attached to any particular topic.
  • We all know our weaknesses and strengths in a subject. If you feel very much nervous or afraid in a particular topic then just leave the question of that topic and attempt it only when you are left with time after solving all four sections.
  • Sometimes when we open the exam paper and start reading questions, We find that most of the questions are tough as we don’t know their answers and we get panic. Don’t get panic and screw your exam. In this type of situation just skip that section and move to other section.
  • You will overcome all the above problems discussed only when you practice maximum questions of previous year SSC MTS exams. If possible try to solve a paper in 2 hours only because it will give you idea of your strengths and weaknesses and how to invest time in each section.
  • After solving a practice paper, it is very important to analyse your exam. Discuss your queries with your friends or with us.Just take a snapshot of that question and post it in gradeup. We will try to answer your queries as soon as possible.
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