How to prepare current affair for SSC examination

How to prepare current affair for SSC examination

How to prepare current affair for SSC examination.General Awareness is a major section in SSC exams because if you check 2016 papers, you will find that General awareness section was the deciding one because other three sections (Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English Comprehension) were same for almost everyone. Those who were well prepared in G.K, scored well in exam and cracked it. So Here in this article we are discussing few doubts about the Current affairs on which usually 3 to 4 questions are asked in SSC CGL exam. These questions make huge difference in the competition. In the meanwhile, we will also tell about the problems faced by students while studying current affairs.

Quick Guidance To Study Current Affairs  For SSC Exams

Guys here we have something important for you regarding current affairs as mostly everybody face challenges of what to read and what to leave.

WEIGHTAGE OF CURRENT AFFAIRS IN SSC EXAM : The most common problem is that students do not have idea of how much weightage is there of current affairs in SSC exam so that you can manage your time accordingly.


  • If you check SSC CGL 2016 Exam of tier 1, you will find this time only 2 to 3 questions were asked from current affairs in each shift but remember you never know what SSC is going to ask in 2017 so, you just can’t ignore current affairs but do not invest all your energy in just current affairs. You have other three sections as well.

IMPORTANT TOPICS TO READ FOR CURRENT AFFAIRS: Problem comes with mostly each one of us is that how many month’s current affairs should be read before the exam and from where to get their modules.


  • SSC usually asks 6 month’s current affairs before your exam day . Well it’s not a rule.

You just need to focus on important points like

  • Sports events —-Focus on commonwealth games, world cup,formula1 race, national game of different countries, Wimbledon etc.
  • Nobel prizes—eg. Malala yousafzai got nobel piece prize in a very young age.
  • Man Booker prize-–eg. Paul Beatty won 2016 Man Booker prize.
  • Awards
  • World heritage sites—-eg. Nalanda university added in world heritage site recently.
  • Narendra modi’s policies-–eg. UJJWAL
  • Latest achievements—P.V sindhu won Olympics silver medal.
  • Those who just started preparing for SSC CGL do not panic. You can still make a difference and grab your seat. Just read important things which we have been providing and you can check our previous G.K modules as well.

How to Make Notes : Problem is that how to memorise all the important points because till you sit for your exam you get a bundle of notes and it’s not easy to keep all of them in your little brain.


  • You need to buy a notebook and make short notes daily but remember do not write everything in your notes. Half a page is enough. Jot down highly important points which you think can be asked in examination like ISRO recently launched a missile so should write its name and how many countries were involved in your short notes.
  • Discuss important news with your friends regularly because discussion makes things easier to remember and in exam you will easily memorise everything.

REVISION OF IMPORTANT POINTS: Major problem is revision because if you keep reading current affairs on a daily basis but do not revise, it’s all going to get wasted in some days. You will become nervous in your exam.

  • Guys forgetting things is a human nature but yes you can help it. Just make a small group of friends and discuss important news with them. Maybe you would have missed something which they know. Trust me guys this really helps. Weekly revise everything which you read during whole week.

How to read newspaper effectively for SSC exam: Students generally get confused about reading newspaper because if you take good newspapers like THE HINDU, TIMES OF INDIA, HINDUSTAN TIMES it takes almost two hours to read it properly and students do not have this much time as most of us are lazy.


  • Read the editorial page of the newspaper daily and jot down English words which you are not able to understand and look for them in dictionary. This will improve your vocabulary as well.
  • Skip reading Bollywood news as it is not important for your exam.
  • Focus on international events , Environmental issues, Articles related to science & technology, Multipurpose Projects and the most important thing is jot down important points in your notebook.
  • Do not skip reading newspaper because you never know which day’s news is going to get you a question in your exam.

Tips :  Read current affairs on a regular basis because you can’t mug them up in a single day or in a month, discuss with your friends regularly and revise. Do not get panic because you are going to crack SSC CGL definitely.



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