Smart way to score 45+ in Reasoning Section of SSC CGL

Smart way to score 45+ in Reasoning Section of SSC CGL Tier – I Exam

Smart way to score 45+ in Reasoning Section of SSC CGL .Reasoning, mildly put can turn out to be your golden goose. You can either score heavily or waste a lot of time and still score less. This section rewards your hard work and training. The more you have prepared, the better you score.
Many of you are comfortable and have a good command over reasoning section. However, some candidates don’t know how to tackle this section. So today we are sharing Reasoning Section Strategy for SSC CGL 2016 Exam for you to excel in the section.
First, let’s discuss the Pattern of SSC CGL Exam
SSC Graduate Level exam comprises Two stages:
Tier – I Exam
Tier – II Exam
The weight age of Tier – I and Tier – II exams is 200 Marks and 400 Marks respectively.
Today we are going to discuss about Tier-I Exam which includes four i.e
Each part is of equal importance so candidates have to focus on each & every part of this exam.
It should be noted by candidates is that there is Negative Marking of 0.25 Marks in this Exam. So plan for exam is according to the pattern & syllabus of SSC.
Remember that There is no Section wise Cut Off in this Exam.
Note: Click here to SSC CGL 2016: Detailed Syllabus & Selection Process
Smart Strategy for Reasoning section in SSC CGL Exam
Reasoning is generally a scoring subject as it takes only thinking ability of a candidate. If the candidate is able to apply it, he can easily score well in this section. Unlike numerical skill in reasoning section you don’t have to learn some formula and solve question by applying that formula. You just have to be very careful while answering these questions. This section tests the judgment and other skills related to presence of mind and analytical ability of a candidate.
The most important topics to look out for from this section are: Analogy, Classification, Series problems, Ranking, Sitting Arrangements, Syllogism, Coding-Decoding, Statement and Conclusions, Directions, Blood Relations, Data sufficiency, Assumptions and Direction Sense Test. Questions from paper cutting and folding and mirror images are also asked.
Let us have a look on previous year break-up of questions in Reasoning Section in SSC CGL Exams:
There are two key factors that will decide how fast and precisely you can solve these problems — a logical thought process & exposure to different types of problems.
Practice is also very important, but your brain’s capacity to solve reasoning questions increases at a faster rate when you try to solve different types of questions.
General Tips to crack Reasoning section in SSC CGL exam
Point 1: Always Remember that the given question will be solved by the data given only, don’t make unnecessary assumptions or judgment while solving the problem. Use smart and appropriate tricks and method for solving any problem.
Point 2: Take one topic at a given time, reasoning requires you to think in a certain way and doing 2-3 different types of topics in one go may not be fruitful.
Point 3: Be very careful with words having negative prefixes like non- , un-. They can fool you for facts. So you must read the question very carefully and when you are sure about the question, then find its solution.
Point 4: If you are struck in a particular question and nothing is coming up; try eliminating options as per the information given to get the correct answers. Don’t try to answer all the question because it may lead to negative marking.
Point 5: The understanding of Directions should be accurate i.e. which direction is West, North, East and South.
Point 6: Always Remember the sequencing of alphabets i.e. which alphabet comes after/before the particular alphabet and you should also remember their numerical position as per 1 to 26.
Point 7: Series is the most important topic, but it is also very difficult to master. You should make sure you practice each and every concept thoroughly and try not to rush through the topics.
Point 8: You should also try to imagine the object in 3D like dice and paper folding etc. it will help in solving the such problems.
Point 9: Reasoning problems takes more time than other sections, hence time constraint must be kept in mind while attempting this section
Point 10: If you have prepared well, this section can fetch you 40-45 marks easily in SSC CGL 2016 Exam which can be an important marks to get shortlisted for the next round. So you must prepare well and score well.

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