How do I prepare for SSC Exams while doing a full time job?

How do I prepare for SSC Exams while doing a full time job?

How do I prepare for SSC Exams while doing a full time job?“How do I prepare for competitive exams while doing job and is it possible without any coaching?” is a question which generally confuse or create a tension in the mind of students who wants to be a bureaucrat. In this article we will discuss about this question and give you some tips so that you can do better with your life.

No one can answer this question better than you. You just have to prepare your mind and maintain your confidence level. I t all depends on how much time you can give to your study consistently. Initially with this idea in mind, you must have a proper planning to execute your plan. Try to manage your time and give at least four hours daily to your study. Now the question comes how you manage to get four hours from this busy schedule.

Here is the schedule of your life during preparation time

  • Manage to rise at 5.30 in the morning and study for 2 hours, in starting it is hard to rise but think of your aim and goal. Make a habit of rising this time. You have to choose your pleasure of sleeping or your commitment that you make with your life.
  • Generally the people come from office at 8.00pm. So you have 2 hours from 9.30 to 11.30 pm for study. Just make a law in your life or let’s say a habit that you will not sleep without studying 2 hours and you will rise early in morning so that you can give 2 hours easily to your study.
  • You can easily utilise travelling time for English portion. In this time you can learn one word substitution, idiom phrase. Make it as your habit.
  • Now on weekend days try to study 9 hours per day. So in a whole week you manage to give 42 hours (24 on weekdays and 18 on weekend days). On an average 6 hours per day which are sufficient to crack the exam.
  • Never fall prey to the temporary pleasure, make a commitment with yourself that you will use this precious time to make your life dynamic, vibrant and a life of permanent pleasure. Never think negatively and always be optimistic. Whenever you feel tire or burden just focus your mind on your aim. You can relax once you achieve your gaol.

Now many students think that coaching is necessary for SSC Exam. No this is not the case just study with yourself and clears your doubts with notes or quizzes available on our website. We are providing notes on every topic and also give short trick for quant.

So students start your preparation with full energy and confidence. You must definitely crack the SSC. Do not waste even a single second. Use this time to achieve your goal. This time will make your future and you will relax in your whole life.

It always seems impossible until its done.

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