How to Crack SSC CGL in first Attempt

How to Crack SSC CGL in first Attempt

How to Crack SSC CGL in first Attempt.“Is it possible to crack SSC CGL in first attempt” this is the question which disturbs many students and creates a feeling of insecurity among them. Answer of this question is inside your heart and brain. In this article we will give some tips on this issue and make it possible for you to crack SSC CGL in first attempt.

To crack SSC CGL you have to follow a strategy and stick to it, you just have to filled your mind with a feeling that you will made your name to the list of qualifying candidate of SSC CGL. Our mind and body works on the thoughts that we have created for ourselves.  The Syllabus of SSC exam is of 10th class standard and you are graduate person so it is not impossible for you crack SSC CGL.

Here are some tips and strategy for cracking SSC CGL:

  • First complete the syllabus of SSC CGL and while doing it marks the question which seems difficult to you or you can write it in a notebook.
  • Follow only one book for each subject and never get confused about book because every book has the same thing and same concept.
  • For quant section complete the whole maths from Kiran chapter wise book.
  • For English section read the S.P Bakshi book and Word Power made easy for vocabulary section.
  • For Gs section read the lucent or Manohar Pandey of Arihant Publication.
  • No need to read any book for reasoning section of SSC CGL.
  • Once you cover all the topics of your syllabus then practise more and more.
  • Never lose hope and don’t feel dejected.
  • Keep yourself motivated and never feel that you can’t clear the exam
  • Maintain the consistency in studying.
  • Focus on your aim and try to achieve it.

Benefit of practisc:

Let me ask a question whether toppers are extra talented or they read different books? Your answer surely will be no , if your answer is Yes then  change it and fill your mind with a thought that you are the topper and you are extra talented and no one is superior to you in anything. Then what toppers do and get selected, they do only and only practice and they never doubt about their selection and their ability.

  • Once you complete your syllabus then pick any practice set and take a test on daily basis.
  • Try to solve the practice set within 1 hour 45 minutes.
  • In this way your speed will improve and you can judge yourself where you stand.
  • You can easily know the topics in which you have to do an extra effort.
  • While taking paper mark the question which are difficult and note down in the book and read that notebook daily.
  • Before exam try to make at least 60 practice set and cram every question and every line of practice set.
  • Don’t waste your valuable time in preparing GS portion as it stands only for 50 marks and you can cover that marks in other section.
  • For SSC CGL your main focus will be on English and Maths as they stand for 500 marks in SSC CGL.
  • For English section you have to do a little bit extra effort by reading the books on daily basis even if you taking a practice set.
  • By making practice set your reasoning will improve own its own, so don’t care too much for it.
  • Practice as much you can do, as SSC repeats the question then there is chance that you will get the question which you have practice.

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