SSC CHSL 8 January Gk Questions asked on Shift 1 + Shift 2 (Memory Based)

8th January SSC CHSL  Gk Questions asked on Shift 1 + Shift 2 (Memory Based)

GK (General Knowledge) Questions asked in SSC CHSL 2016 Tier 1 (08th Jan 2017 Shift-1) (Memory Based)

1. Which state has maximum number of forests? – Madhya Pradesh

2. When did first world war start? – 1914

3. Why Kanha park is famous? –

4. Which Vitamin helps in clotting of blood?

5. Question bases on Newton’s Law.

6. Boro Tribes are in which state?

7. Bibi Mahal was founded by?

8. In BOD5, what is 5?

9. How much is the biological oxygen demand?

10. Which catalyst is used to make milk from curd?

11. Who won Oscar for Supporting actress?

12. Highest grosser Hollywood movie?

13. Seismology is discovered by whom?

14. Which is the longest day in northern hemisphere?

15. from where do plants get energy?

16. What do you mean by displacement?

17. Who is the author of prithavi raj raso?

GK (General Knowledge) Questions asked in SSC CHSL 2016 Tier 1 (08th Jan 2017 Shift-2) (Memory Based)

1. What is the famous ‘Chipko’ movement associated with?- Preventing the felling of tree

2. Current defence chief of india-General Bipin Rawat.

3. Fundamental Rights are borrowed from which country- USA

4. Who discovered venn diagram -John Venn

5. What salary of Indian president – 1.5 lakh

6. First noble prize in physics was given to – Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

7. one question related to param veer chakra –

8. one question related to Green house gas –

9. Palankhet temple is famous for which God?

10. when was bharat chhodo aandolan started – 1942

11. causes of ozone layer depletion- CFC

12 . Who say father of the nation to mahatma gandhi -Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

13. Longest river of india –

14. Kaziranga national park is mainly famous for –

15. one question related to Snow Leopard

16 .which of the following not sharing border with chattisgarh

17. which is sponge phylam

18. Quit india movement started in which year

19. Author of ‘a suitable boy’

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