How and What to Read in Newspaper for SSC CGL

How and What to Read in Newspaper for SSC CGL

How and What to Read in Newspaper for SSC CGL.Many Ssc Aspirants are confused about reading newspaper. They are confused how and what to read in newspaper..which newspaper is good..
So let me clear some doubts of you..
I will suggest to read “The Hindu” newspaper..If it is not available in your area then any standard newspaper will do the work for you..But if “the Hindu” is available then read that only..
Now let’s talk about what to read in it..
I will suggest to read two sections of newspaper..
First section is editorial which is mandatory to be read.. Second section can be chosen by you according to your like and taste. Like if you love cricket or football news then read the play section of newspaper..
So it’s clear now what to read in newspaper.
The time that should be devoted to reading newspaper may differ from person to person. Like If you are from hindi medium or vernacular medium student and your English is very weak then I will suggest to read newspaper for atleast 1 hour but If your English is average then the the time duration may range between 30 to 60 minutes.
Now It’s time to suggest how to use newspaper for proper utilisation of yours.
Way of reading newspaper may be different from person to person. But in my point of view the best way to read newspaper is to read newspaper by speaking aloud.
You should not read English in mind. Instead one should read newspaper by speaking aloud. The benefit of the same will be ..your pronunciation will improve..
According to me,the way to read newspaper is as follows-
first read one section e.g. editorial of the newspaper by speaking aloud… Also write down the high frequency words and the words whose meaning is not known to you which you find while reading newspaper.. after reading the section, write down the meaning of those words and try to remember them.. then again read the newspaper keeping in mind the word u noted down and try to grasp the meaning of the passage you read..
Also try to remember and repeat the words daily which you noted down in your notebook.. the benefit of the same will be that those words will be in your mind for last long.. and generally in newspaper many high frequency words repeat, after 3 to 4 months of reading newspaper daily, you will not have to note down words as you will find repetition of learnt words..
Along with reading newspaper,Read word power made easy by Norman Lewis for strong vocabulary..
Good Luck
Yours adamant sagar
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