How to prepare General Knowledge for SSC CGL

How to prepare General Knowledge for SSC CGL

How to prepare General Knowledge for SSC CGL. I know there is one part of SSC CGL Tier 1 which scares a lot to SSC Aspirants and that part is of General Knowledge. Even many selected candidates have got very less marks in this subject owing to the constant boredom of reading general knowledge. 

I was also very dull in General Knowledge. When I had given SSC CGL 2013 Exam which was cancelled, I got Minus 1 (-1) marks in GS section. So, You can imagine what my GS section would be at that time. Then I read somewhere to read Lucent General Knowledge. When I started lucent, I was learning everything by rote. That means mai pura ek ek chiz ratta mar raha tha.. Usse problem ye hua ki 1 se 2 page ratta marne mai mujhe 3 se 4 ghante (hours) lag jate the..thode din bad mai wo v bhul jata tha..then one person suggested me to Just read the book daily again and again..Usne bola “ratta mat mar.Kewal book ko har din padho.matlab ki agar mai aj 3 se 4 page padha to phir kal v ussi 3 se 4 page padhna hoga aur phir tisre din agla 4 se 5 page padhna hoga..phir one week bad sara ko repeat karna hoga.. (He said ,”don’t try to learn it by rote Just read the book again and again. Like if u r reading page no. 1 to 4 today,then revise this again next day,and after that next day read page no.5 to 8 and then again revise it next day and so on.. After one or two week,revise from page no.1). Actually whatever he said is on the basis of the research done by scientist which says that if one study like this,then whatever one read ,will be in mind for a long time. Then I did the same and I saw the improvement in me. This method worked very well and mujhe sara history ,civics etc. ish book se pura yaad ho gaya tha.. You will not believe but I want to share that I had scored -1 in GS section in 2013 CGL but owing to this method, I scored very decent marks in CGL 2014. Now You can realize that I am not a unique guy. I am just a simple guy like you.. So,adopt this method and read any good book of General Knowledge. But you will have to study GS section every day..

Good Luck 🙂

Yours adamantsagar

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