Tips and Tricks for Essay writing for SSC CGL Tier III

Tips and Tricks for Essay writing for SSC CGL Tier III

Tips and Tricks for Essay writing for SSC CGL Tier III.The introduction of the descriptive paper in CHSL must have made you bite your nails by now but need not worry. Here, we will be providing you some tips and tricks so that you become a crackerjack in the field of essay writing.For this you first need to understand what an essay is. An essay is a descriptive content wherein the writer first interprets the given topic and then voices his/her opinion supporting it with some facts or statistics. For an essay one is expected to divide the content in three paragraphs:

  1. Introduction (around 40 words)
  2. Body (around 160 words)
  3. Conclusion (around 50 words)

This structure makes it easier for the reader to maneuver through the ideas put forth in the content.


  • The introduction needs to be precise yet catchy.
  • The main purpose is to highlight your argument in context of the given topic.
  • Try and make it a thumb rule to always begin with either relevant quotations or some statistics.
  • The following statement should provide an insight about the examples which you plan to use in the text so that the reader knows what to expect in the coming content.
  • Make the last line of the introduction such that it makes the movement to the body of the content smooth.


  • The main purpose of the body paragraph is to explain in detail the examples that support your opinion.
  • Do not take very general examples and make sure that whatever example you cite is relevant and you explain it sufficiently well.
  • Also, use transitional words like furthermore, however, moreover, etc. in the body of the essay to make the reading through the words easy and it is also an indication of good writing.


  • Your conclusion should not look like a second thought to your opinion as it is your last gasp to end your case.
  • Conclusion is a sum up of all that you have talked about earlier but it needs to be crisp and to the point.
  • Use a variety of words to express your opinion so that the content doesn’t become repetitive and monotonous.
  • Persuasive conclusions begin with a concluding transition (eg, to conclude, in the end, etc.).
  • Your last statement should be an action or thought provoking one so that you make a mark of your views.

Some tips to boost your content:

  1. Do not use passive voice or I/me in essays.
  2. Draft a rough sketch of what you are planning to write so that you can adjust your views well before you start writing your final content.
  3. Bring variety in the sentences and words you use. They should be of a varying degree of difficulty.
  4. The old proverb goes well here, “Practice makes a man perfect.”


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