i)  Typing Test: FOR THE POST OF LDC

Typing Test will be conducted only in English or Hindi and candidates while applying for the examination will have to indicate his/her choice/option for Typing Test medium in the application form.

Candidates opting for English medium should have typing speed of 35 words per minute and those opting for Hindi medium should have typing speed of 30 words per minute on computer. 35 wpm corresponds to 10500 key depressions per hour and 30 wpm corresponds to 9000 key depressions per hour.

The speed will be adjudged on the accuracy of typing on the computer of a given text passage in 10 minutes. Visually handicapped candidates (with 40% disability and above) will be allowed 30 minutes. In English the passage to be typed in 10 minutes has 1750 key depressions and in Hindi it has 900.

Passage Dictators will be provided to each of VH candidates by the commission for the typewriting test. The Passage Dictators will read out the passage to the VH candidates within the allotted time period.

ii) Skill Test (DEST): FOR TAX ASSISTANTS ( Central Excise & Income Tax) & DEO

Data Entry Speed Test (DEST) at 8,000 (eight thousand) Key Depression per hour on Computer.

The Data Entry Skill Test at 2000 (two thousand) key depressions for a duration of 15 (fifteen) minutes will be of qualifying nature. Computer will be provided by the Commission at the centre/venue notified for the purpose.

NOTE-I (For TA): Exemption from Skill Test for OH candidates is subject to Government policy in force. The OH candidates opting for post in CBDT can only be exempted for appearing in Skill Test whereas OH candidates opting for post in CBEC cannot be exempted from Skill Test. HH and VH candidates are not eligible for exemption from the skill test for both CBDT and CBEC.

NOTE-II (For DEO): None of the candidates including PH candidates who qualify in the written part of the examination will be exempted from the skill test as passing of the skill test is pre-condition and one of the essential qualifications for appointment to the post of Data Entry Operator (DEO).

NOTE-III: Method of Evaluation of DEST/TYPING TEST (Both English & Hindi)


The Commission will hold a Computer Proficiency Test (CPT) for the post of Assistants(CSS) which will be of Qualifying nature and have the following three components:

i) Word Processing (DEST)—-This is same as is the SKILL TEST for the post of TA (plz read above)

ii) Spread Sheets (Excel)

iii) Generation of Slides (Power Point)

NOTE-I: Scheme of DOPT for the post of CSS Assistant does not envisage exemption from CPT for any category of PH candidates.

NOTE-II: All these tests are of 15 minutes each

iv) SSC STENOGRAPHERS EXAM: Everything About Stenography Test?

a)  What is Stenography Test in SSC Exams?

The candidates will be given one dictation for 10 minutes in English/Hindi at the speed of 100 w.p.m. for the post of Stenographer Grade-C and 80 w.p.m. for the post of Stenographer Grade -D. The matter will have to be transcribed (typed back) on computer only. The transcription time is as follows:

For Stenographer Grade -D : 50 minutes ( English )
65 minutes ( Hindi )

For Stenographer Grade -C: 40 minutes ( English )
55 Minutes ( Hindi )


a) If a candidates does not indicate the medium of STENOGRAPHY TEST in the relevant column of the Application Form, the Commission will consider ENGLISH as the medium of STENOGRAPHY TEST for such candidates and the candidates will not be allowed to change the medium at a subsequent stage.

b) There is no exemption from skill test for steno for any category of candidates.

c) Candidates who opt to take the Stenography Test in Hindi will be required to learn English Stenography and vice versa after their appointment.

d) VH candidates will be required to transcribe the matter in 75 minutes for English Shorthand or in 100 minutes for Hindi Shorthand for the post of Stenographer Grade ‘D’ and in 70 minutes for English Shorthand test and in 95 minutes for Hindi Shorthand test for the post of Stenographer Grade ‘C’.

c) A Word of Advice on Typing/Steno……..Very Very Important

Generally it’s seen many of the aspirants for CSS or TA or LDC or DEO or STENIGRAPGHER ignore to learn typing or steno at right time. They become serious to it only after the declaration of CGLE tier-II result or CHSL exam written result or the steno exam result as the case may be. I’m of the opinion that they do so with an intention that they can learn these things in that short period of time that is left for the skill test of their respective exam.

Dear friends, let me say here that these things always take their own time to be learnt. 5-6 months for typing and 1 to 2 years for steno, you can’t learn them before it how hard you should try.

The other illness is use of laptop for typing purpose. The keyboard in the exam is that we use on the PC. Though the key pattern in both type of keyboards is same, one can’t ever type on the laptop the way one should be doing in the exam. So why is it this? If you have to type on the laptop arrange the keyboard that we use on the PC. In the end I’ll say you must start learning typing at least 6 months before the expected date of the skill test and do it on the keyboard of the PC if you are serious to a post associated with typing.

d) Admissible %age of Mistake in Steno Test/DEST/Typing Test

Normally 5% for UR and 7% for others; relaxable to 7% for UR and 10% for others if adequate candidates are not available.

e) SSC STENOGRAPHER Exam–Method of Evaluation of STENOGRAPHY scripts

Thanks to MAHA SIR for this useful information

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