Never Give Up because you have to believe yourself by Himani

Dear friends,
Neither I am a topper nor I am selected. I am just an ordinary ssc cgl aspirant, who is preparing for exam. And I will be giving my exam after 2017 (due to some personal reasons).

Abhi kuchh dino se jab se ssc cgl tier 2 hua hai, our group is full of ‘result predictive posts’. Yes I understand that its human nature. We expect things. Expectations are good only when you are expecting good. But why do you people ask whether I will be selected or not ?

Why don’t you believe in yourself ? Your job is done. Now prepare for the next move. Miracles do happen . Ho sakta hai jab aap ye soch rahe hon ki selection nhi hoga , aap select ho jaayen aur tab tab tak tier 3 ke liye aapne thodi si der kar di ho jiska asar aapki overall performance pe ho sakta hai .

We always say don’t judge others because we are the doers, we have no Right to judge our actions or others. Why don’t you believe you are the best !
“Do thy duty , reward is not thy concern”.

Aap log yahaan tier 2 tak pahunche hain so you are already a winner ! It doesn’t matter if it will work or not. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. All that matters is you worked for it ! Aaj nhi toh kal your dreams are gonna be true. Last last tak cheezen achchhin ho jaatin hain. Don’t distract yourself. We all come in this world because we all have a purpose. People talk about luck but I really don’t understand this word. Yeah may be I have always been unlucky that’s why I couldn’t believe in this very word luck and I always believed in me and it worked for me. We all go thru silent battles in our life. But eventually you are going to WIN. Success is your ultimate destination.

I read somewhere that we humans are born great and we come in this gymnasium of world to make us strong. Ssc cgl is just a medium to reach your ultimate goal. you all have larger goals. you are bigger than problems, you are bigger than your battles, you are bigger than any exam. After all whole life is an exam and you will be successful. All the best and sorry if I said anything wrong. (Y)


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