Quantitative Aptitude Notes for SSC by Sandeep Bohay Sir

Quantitative Aptitude Notes for SSC by Sandeep Bohay Sir

We are sharing Quantitative Aptitude Notes for SSC by Sandeep Bohay Sir (Preventive Officer).Hope you like his efforts

I am Sandeep Bohay ,  Here I am sharing a file on Quantitative Aptitude with you. This file consists complete Study Material of Quantitative Aptitude. This file covers each and every topic of QA (i.e., Simplification, Square Root and Cube roots, Average, Ages,  Speed & Distance, Profit & Loss, LCM & HCF, Fractions, Time & Distance, Time & Work, Partnership, Ratio & Proportion, True Discount, Boats & Streams, Percentages, Simple & Compound Interests, Calender, Bankers Discount, Mixture & Alligation, Heights & Distances, Chain Rule, Clocks, Mensuration, Puzzles, Permutation and Combinations, Pipes & Cisterns and Probability). Every topic consists Introduction, Formulas, and Problems with detailed explanation. I gathered this material from various sources and made this pdf file. I hope this file will be helpful to all the students who are preparing for competitive exams. All the Best 🙂

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Numerical Ability/Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Number System

  2. Decimal Fractions

  3. Indices and Surds

  4. Square Root & Cube Root

  5. HCF and LCM

  6. Simplification

  7. Average

  8. Ratio and Proportion

  9. Problem on Ages

  10. Percentage

  11. Profit and Loss

  12. Ratio & Proportion

  13. Partnership

  14. Orders of Magnitude

  15. Unitary Method

  16. Time and Work

  17. Time and Distance

  18. Alligation or Mixture

  19. Probability

  20. Simple & Compound Interest

  21. Area

  22. Pipes and Cisterns

  23. Problems on Trains

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