Motivational tips for SSC CGL by Adamant Sagar

Hello Friends,

We are sharing Motivational tips for SSC CGL by Adamant Sagar. Hope you like his efforts.

Hello all,

It has been 3 years this “Adamant Sagar” Id was created by me for preparation of SSC CGL and getting updates regarding exam

then SSC CGL mai case ka Silsila suru hua.. hearing pe hearing.. was frustrated.. I was at sea ..what to do.. where to go.. it seemed as if everything was ruined then..

Being a simple graduate in commerce,there was no other option but to prepare for SSC. But everything was vague then.. #case_nitant_cancellation_dharna_frustration..

Then got the news of cancellation of exam when I was on the way to Kolkata..I was totally shattered..

Everything was just vanished then.. owing to frustration which SSC had brought with it, compelled me to think about any other option..

At that juncture, I thought,”SSC has become like five year plan. SSC ka kuch na hona ab”.. so Finally I took admission in IPCC(CA) in Kolkata half hearted.. room le liya.. coaching ka pata v kr liya..

Lekin jo nahi kiya ..wo ye ki bus Kolkata gaya nahi.. kyunki somewhere in my heart, the love for SSC was checking my path to CA.. 😛😛

But I was fully determined,” SSC ko ab ankh v Utha kr nahi dekhna hai😛😛😛

Then got the news of re-examination of SSC CGL 2013. I was determined enough that I would not take the exam and I would concentrate on CA only. But bhaiya insisted me to just take the exam. Papa bole ki “CA kro ab. No more SSC”

Again I was plummeting in mire of illusion of SSC. 😂😂 Then I again gathered strength to prepare for tier 1. This re- examination emerged as blessing in disguise..Appeared in the examination.. and scored around 123-125.. It was not a good marks.. still I thought that atleast I cleared one phase of the exam..

Then again started preparing for Ssc tier 2 and scored good marks.. I thought ki itne marks mai to Inspector ban hi jaunga 😉..but when Ssc published result of tier 2, I was shocked by the cut off marks.. I was like 😲😲😲😲. But finally managed to get interview call..

I had to prepare for the Interview.. Target interview group helped me alot in interview phase.. met with brilliant guys there in that group.. the way they used to present their views relating to static and current topics was awesome.. at that time I thought I stand no where with them..

But gradually I started taking part in their discussion.. and it helped me to gain confidence and I realised that I have hidden potential.. infact everyone has hidden potential to do impossible things, u just need to take a step of faith…

Finally I scored decent marks in interview.. 😊 this is the story of this Adamant Sagar ID..

In a nutshell, the essence of the story is-

1. Believe in yourself and God. God sab acha karenge bus u just need to keep a step of faith along with your hard work.

2. Never underestimate yourself. U don’t know your capabilities and hidden potential.

3. You will get lots of twist and turn in your life during preparation phase as depicted in my story. But no need to worry. Just keep the wheels rolling. Everything will be on the right track.

4. Unfortunately many of you couldn’t clear the cut off of tier 1 this year. No need to brood over it now.Instead work hard. You will definitely come with flying colours.

P.S.- 1. Ignore grammatical errors,if any.. bahut jaldi mai likha hu..

2. I have used both English and Hindi so that u don’t get bored while reading it..

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