Job Profile of SI in CBI

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Job Profile of SI in CBI

We are sharing Job profile of Sub Inspector of CBI shared by Vinod Moolwani.

SSC CGL also provides you with an opportunity to get selected in one of the most prestigious departments of India – Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Through SSC CGL you get entry as Sub Inspector in CBI which is a Group B post with 4200 grade pay.

After selection you will be sent to CBI Academy Ghaziabad. After successful completion of training only you will be allotted zones based on your preference. More than 90% of the candidates are allotted Delhi zone only.

Training Duration

1-Institutional Training with CBI Academy(phase 1) 7 Months

2-Attachment with Local Police 9 Weeks

3-Attachment with CBI Branch 9 Weeks

4-Institutional Training with CBI Academy(phase 2) 10 Weeks

Total 1 year 7 weeks

Total training period is 59 weeks out of which 42 weeks training held in CBI Academy.

It is a non uniform job .The main function of Sub-Inspectors (or Inspectors) posted in the Branches/Units is to make enquiries and investigations and to gather information. They will enquire into or investigate the cases which are allotted to them. It is also their duty to look after their cases in Courts during trial or during the disciplinary proceedings which are initiated on the recommendations of CBI. Therefore the job profile of CBI includes frequent visits to courts which can be cumbersome for many people. Taking criminal to the courts safely is another concern attached to this profile. As CBI sometimes takes up cases of terrorists, it can be a challenging task. But no concern as you shall be provided adequate security from police. The work profile of an inspector and sub inspector remains the same. Due to these functions the CBI SI profile is considered to be a tough profile. You will need to extend your working hours or may even work on Saturdays. In addition, this profile demands a lot of travelling across India, wherever you are allotted a case you will need to go there, collect all the information and perform the investigation. So it is a stressful job and your family & personal life suffer. But in such investigations, you shall have complete authority over state police and other involved departments.

Even though SI in CBI is a 4200 grade Pay job but then also his salary is equivalent to a 4600 grade pay central Govt employee as he gets 25% extra of Basic + DA and also he is paid 13 months’ salary in a year.

Effective In hand salary (Considering 13 month salary):
Hence effective in hand salary is more than any other posts offered in SSC-CGL.



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