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We are sharing with you Job experience of Central Excise Inspector share by Rahul singhla sir
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My 2 cents on the profile of CeX after working as Central Excise Inspector- Delhi for 5 months-
1. Diverse Profile- CeX offers the most diverse profile through CGL. In Delhi, the rotation takes on a cyclic basis among Customs, Excise and Service Tax- all of which offer a completely diverse profile. Infact Even Customs work can be sub divided into Customs preventive, ICD- CUSTOMS (Inland container depot) and Airport. The situation would hardly change even after the introduction of GST. CeX will continue to offer most diverse profile.

2. Desk Job/ Adventure: They say – Go for AEO/CBI for adventure and CSS/MEA if you want a 10 to 6 desk job. The beauty of CeX is that it offers a perfect mix of both. We have this policy of Sensitive and Non Sensitive posting. After every sensitive posting of 2 years, you have to serve in a Non sensitive posting for 1 year. Sensitive postings include- Anti-Evasion (Raids), Audit, Range etc. Non sensitive postings include all the misc office and headquarter work- Admin/ establishment/vigilance/Rajbhasha/ Adjudication/Review/ Technical etc.
If you want to continue in a Non-sensitive posting, you can continue in a CSS like Desk job (after requesting higher authorities). I know people who have stayed in non sensitive posting all their life.

3. Allowances/ Incentives – Being a Uniform job, we get initial equipment allowance of Rs 6000 for first year and about 4000 for subsequent years. (will increase after the implementation of 7th CPC). There is no Petrol/ Mobile allowance. However there are rewards up to the tune of 20 Lakhs. People performing well in the sensitive postings regularly get rewards.

4. Promotions- The biggest negative of this post. Slowest promotions. About 8-12 years for Inspector to Superintendent and another 12-15 years from Suptdt to AC. Few Lucky ones may go up to Dep Comm/ Add’l Comm.

However, there is a lot of murmur around change in draft recruitment rules (DRR) which may significantly alter the promotions. Also, the promotion looks slow because most of the Suptdts are ICTs from other zones.
We expect promotional aspects to improve once GST is implemented.

5. Work- Life Balance- Just about perfect if you have a non sensitive posting. May have to work for some extra hours in sensitive postings- that too for a very limited period.

6. Social respect- This post has that feel good factor, which many other posts dont have. Then there is that additional advantage of Uniformed post and ID card- It helps a lot in saving Parking/ Toll Charges and influencing general public in the name of inspector (that wardi) 😛

Overall Review: spoke to many people working in different posts and departments. Based on overall job satisfaction and happiness index, I would put the pecking order as :

ITI (Home State)> Examiner (If neutral)> Excise (Home state) > ITI (Non- Home state)

P.S- purely personal opinion and subjective, comment for any clarification.

P.P.S- CGL-2014 Rank 704, I had the option of Examiner/PO (Mumbai) and ITI (Non Home state) but I chose CeX after a lot of deliberation. after completing 5 months, I guess it was a prudent choice 🙂


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