Barrons Mnemonics Vocabulary tricks e-book pdf download free

Download Barrons Mnemonics Vocabulary tricks e-book pdf for free

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In this post we are sharing you a very good book for English Vocabulary. This book contains Barron’s wordlist with mnemonics which makes it very easy to remember words for long term. This small trick book is very helpful for many competitive exams as well as for self improvement. You May download this book from the link provided below. Keep visting, keep learning, have a good day.
Name: Barron Most Important Word List (Mnemonics)
Size: 2 MB
Pages: 203
Format: PDF
Quality: GOOD
Click Here to Download Barrons Most Important Vocabulary (Word List) with Mnemonics in pdf free
1. Abase: Meaning: lower; degrade; humiliate; make humble; make (oneself) lose self respect Mnemonics: : abase-abe(a slang used to degrade a person)+shhh(se)usually an attempt to degrade a person’s opinion..overall goes to humiliate a person…. 2. Abash: Meaning: embarrass Mnemonics: : What happens when u get a bash? (bashing)….u get embarrassed. 3. Abate: Meaning: To reduce in amount; Put an end to; subside or moderate Mnemonics: : ab+ate , conc on ate, if u ate (spent) all ur money , ur property comes to an end (abate) 4. Abbreviate: Meaning: shorten Mnemonics: : abbreviate has root brev (brief) in it; brev (brief) means in short. Hence meaning of abbreviate is to shorten something. 5. Abdicate: Meaning: renounce; give up (position, right, or responsibility) Mnemonics: : ab (root ab means away as in abandon) + dic (dictatorship) + ate (to eat and hence reduce) : means to give away (or reduce) dictatorship and hence to give-up power. 6. Aberrant: Meaning: abnormal or deviant Mnemonics: : ab (away) + err (error) + ant : focus on ERR and ANT. Ants normally move together in a queue. imagine all these ants moving randomly like a group of honey bees. That would be abnormal behaviour. 7. Aberration: Meaning: deviation from the normal; mental disorder Mnemonics: : sounds like abortion which is not normal delivery. 8. Abet: Meaning: assist usually in doing something wrong; encourage Mnemonics: : a+bet a bet generally assists you to do something wrong 9. Abeyance: Meaning: suspended action Mnemonics: : it seemingly sounds like ab+yawns…. so, think of something like ‘students started yawning and so the teacher gave them 5 mins break’ i.e. temporary suspension… 10. Abhor: Meaning: detest; hate Mnemonics: : abhor sounds like “a whore” and we generally hate a whore….so to hate someone is abhoring that person 11. Abide: Meaning: dwell; abide by: comply with; put up with; tolerate; Mnemonics: : bide in abide sounds like bind(something that binds you)… abid means that fails to bind you from your heart..but you merely have to tolerate 12. Abject: Meaning: (of a condition) wretched; as low as possible; lacking pride; very humble; showing lack of self-respect; Mnemonics: : Abject sounds like REJECT. Poor people are like REJECTED (Abject) people in the society. 13. Abjure: Meaning: renounce upon oath Mnemonics: : abjure ~ ab (away) + jure (jury). He abjured (rejected, moved away from) her earlier statements in front of jury
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