Zone Wise Vacancy in CBEC in SSC CGL 2016 as per RTI


Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you RTI shared by Ramanujam Sir regarding vacancies Zone Wise Vacancy in CBEC in SSC CGL 2016.Hope you like it.

RTI reply for vacancies of Excise Inspector, PO and Examiner… Sunil Sherawat has got the reply… Thank you for sharing this…

Central Excise Inspector examiner preventive officer tax assistant excise tax assistant zone wise vacancy in CBEC

  • jayesh sharma

    sar kya cbec tax assistant ke vacancy nahi h kya is bar

  • sir
    these are the final vacancies in SSC CGL 2016, as per RTI for CBCE.
    in SSC CGL 2014 there were around 8400 vacancies in CBCE(insp.) . and previous year 1657 (insp. post)
    why there are less n.o. of vacancies this time.

  • Anonymous

    there are 399 vacancy of Inspector in Chandigarh zone,but only one vacancy conveyed.this is surprise

  • Anonymous

    GST will be implement w.e.f 01.04.2017,CBEC should convey proper vacancy.