SSC CGL GK Questions 30-08-2016 Exam:Morning Shift

1. First woman president of Congress – Annie Besant

2. What is Silica gel?

3. If no atmosphere than what is the colour of the sky? Black
4. The partition of congress was done in which session- Surat Split
5. Ozone layer protects earth from which rays – UV
6. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) submit his reports to whom? – President
7. Shiva Thapa is associated with which sports? Boxing
8. Which country exited from European countries – Britain
9. Palk strait separate which country – India & Srilanka
10. First Council of Budhha – Rajgriha
11. HCL acid present in which digestive organ – Stomach
12. Birju Maharaj related to – Kathak dance

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