SSC CGL 2016 Tier-1 Questions asked on 29-08-2016

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Today (29 August 2016) Day 3 SSC Has conducted SSC CGL (2016) Exam. In this post we are sharing some of the questions asked in this exam at various shifts.

  1. Who is the Coach of Indian cricket team?
  1. When does President address a joint sitting of parliament?
  1. First women Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh?
  1. Another name of World Bank?
  1. Mission Indradhanush is related to?
  1. Playing it my way autobiography of?
  1. Why planets do not twinkle?
  1. Punjab draws water into canals from which river?
  1. What is the purest form of Carbon?

10.When government expenditure exceeds its revenue then it is called?

  1. First Indian to win Oscar award?
  1. Silkworms eat which leaves?
  1. What is the product formed when Sodium bicarbonate was heated?
  1. Wide entry of sea or ocean is called as?
  1. Properties of x-ray?

*playing it my way book author

1. person to get special oscar
2. dilwara temple situated in
3. parliamentry type of government
4. coach of indian team
5. woman C.M of UP
6. Indradhanush scheme
7. world bank is also called.
8. budget deficit
9. what is used to remove water pollution.
10. fundamental rights
11. properties of X rays
12. purest form of carbon
13. president’s executive powers
14. plants dont twinkle but stars do.. why??
15. playing it my way authored by??
16. what is formed when sodium bicarbonate is heated
*indian cricket team coach
*what is sullage water
*aim of indradhanush mission
*president when addressed loksabha
*why stars twinkling but planets not
*which association (OPEC/UN/IDA/UNIDO) related to cartel
*uttar pradesh first chief minister
*if current loss is greater than revenue then what will be the effect
*which following won oscar award ans.. satyajit ray
*which type of grass used to avoid watter pollution
*if sodium bicarbonate heated then what is the resultant proiduct
*which of the following called “world bank” options IRBI,IDBI,ETC
@spelling check-diarrhoea
@idiom-beggar’s description,drag one’s feet
@one word-who has lack of skill
@error-it took her a long time to get off death of her father.
3-3 ques from idiom & one word
4-4 ques from error & improvement

Questn asked in apti
(x+1/x)^2=3 then x^3+1/x^3=?
After 15% discount 119 them MP?
Tan@=8/15 then √(1-sin@)/√(1+sin@)=?
A semicircle having radius 6 cm then area of largest possible trangle?
20 women in 16 days and 16 men in 15 days then ratio of efficiency’s?
5 bar graph se easy tha
129 cm distance angle of elevation 30 degree then height?
A cylindrical rod having length 14 and outer radius 9 if volume 368 then thickness?
A cyclic quadrilateral abcd having angle BCD 120 and ab is diameter then angle abd ?
a/(p-r)+b/(r-q)=c/(p-q) then PA+QB=?
Sound of firing a bullet heared by a person at 1.7 km distance after in 5 sec then speed of sound per sec?
Avg of a,b,c is 20 and b,c,d is 25 and d is 30 then a?
In how many year on 3000 rs at 12% si we can get 1080 as interest?
The diff betwn smallest and greatest 5 digit no possible from 5,8,2,0,6?
In an isoscale triange ab = AC the median is ad and angle bda dissect and touch ab at p, pq parallel to BC then angle pdq?
In triangle ABC x and y are mid pts ofab and BC and xy parallel to BC if xy+ BC=12 then bc-xy=?
Father is 3 yr older than mother and 4 times of son if son age after 3 yr 15 then age of mother?
comprehension about first speech delievered by jawahar lal nehru

More questions will be updated….

We will be keep updating this page and add more questions asked on 29 August 2016. 

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