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SSC has issued notice to candidates of CGL-16 Exam to inform the Regional offices to get their duplicate applications cancelled. Many candidates are having confusion and sending queries. The position is that :1. Multiple Applications submitted with in one Region:- If more than one application was submitted in one Region, Please check list of Accepted/Rejected Application placed by Regional offices on their websites. Most probably previous application would have been rejected and last one accepted. If it is so, you need not do anything. If still your two applications are being shown as Accepted, please contact the Regional Office to inform your multiple application with details and request them to cancel previous one. For informing details, please send your signed letter by Fax/Speed Post/By hand/By Email(Scanned copy) along with all enclosures. Please ensure that your such letter should reach Regional office on or before 5/8/16.You may contact Regional office concerned on their helpline/email to get further information or details.2. Multiple Applications submitted in more than one Region:-Pl. check which was your last application. You are supposed to get your previous application cancelled and you must inform the Regional office(s) where you had submitted your previous application(s) with all details requesting them to cancel that previous application(s).You should send a letter by speed post/Fax/By hand/By Email(Scanned copy) with enclosures to that Region whom you are asking to cancel your application. Please ensure that your information reaches the Regional office on or before 5/8/16. You may also contact the Regional office concerned on their helpline/email to know the mode of sending information.

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