Assistant in Central Vigilance Commission Job Profile

Assistant in Central Vigilance Commission Job Profile

Assistant in Central Vigilance Commission is a Group B, Non-Gazetted Post, where you get o to work under the Central Government Institute.

Similar to earlier assistant posts of Group B Category, you would be required to perform a lot of clerical tasks. The general area of posting for an assistant in CVC is usually the Delhi HQ. One of the contrasting features of this assistant post from others is the lack of people employed. You will be among a limited number of people working with Central Vigilance Commission. The area of posting will be limited to Tier 1 cities.

This is an entry level post. Hence, you wouldn’t possess decision making power but have to report to Group A Officers.

Now, let us discuss about the recruitment procedure of an Assistant in Central Vigilance Commission through SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination 2016.

Assistant in Central Vigilance Commission Salary, Pay Scale and Allowances    

The salary breakdown of an Assistant in Central Vigilance Commission (CVC)

  • Pay Scale: Rs. 9,300 – 34,800/-
  • Grade Pay: Rs. 4,600/-

Apart from the regular fixed pay, an Assistant working in Central Vigilance Commission also enjoys a bunch of perks, benefits and allowances.

  1. DA on Total Pay above (around 107%)
  2. Transport Allowance (TA)
  3. House Rent Allowance (if not provided with quarters)

According to current pay scales, you would get a salary of around 40,000/- per month initially. Your salary should cross 50,000/- per month in 7th pay commission according to some early assumptions.

Assistant in Central Vigilance Commission Work Environment

Being an assistant post in the Group B Category, you will be mostly confined to a desk job. Your job profile dictates mostly clerical work which can be done during office hours.

But as we discussed earlier, there are a limited number of people working in CVC as assistant. Hence, this limited crew need to handle a lot of paperwork on a weekly basis which can make this job hectic. Although, the office conditions are quite good and the area of posting is decent. Still, you can expect the job to be a little hectic.

It will require a little time in getting used to the routine of working a few extra hours to complete tasks assigned by superiors in Central Vigilance Commission.

Assistant in Central Vigilance Commission Career Path and Opportunities 

Central Vigilance Commission is quite specific when it comes promoting officers to higher posts. You need to serve a minimum time period in order to be considered for a promotion. Your first promotion will take atleast 7-8 years.

The career path can go in the following pattern.

  1. Section Officer
  2. Under Secretary
  3. Deputy Secretary
  4. Director

With each promotion, you can expect more decision making power and less paperwork. But it will take years and constant efforts to move up in the Central Vigilance Commission.

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