SSC CGL Preparation tips for 2016

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We are sharing SSC CGL Preparation tips for 2016 by surya prakash sir selected in excise inspector 2015.hope u like it.

Hello guyz, this is Surya Prakash. I have been selected as inspector in central excise and custom in CGLE 2015. Today i am going to share some tips and tricks, that might be useful for you i.e. upcoming achievers…😁😁😁


➕Read the book’ where concept is paramount’ by neetu singh from KD Campus publication(it is updated version).

➡When you will start this book it will take almost 25-30 days for thorough study, considering that you will give atleast 3 hours of quality time to it. (Note: This may vary according to your own skill and capacity)
☢ after that revise it atleast 2 times, one revision usually take 10 days.
➕purchase the book ‘last 14 years questions chapter-wise by ghatnachakra publication’

➡go through this book.

➕If you still need some assistance in advance maths ,go for Lucent advance mathematics.


➕go through the book from ‘ plinth to paramount by neetu singh’ for both grammar and vocabulary.
➕purchase ‘ last 14 years questions chapter-wise by ghatnachakra’ read and practice this book .this will also compliment to vacab section.


➡No special knowledge required. Purchase any chapter-wise previous years questions book and practice only those section which seems tough to you.


Note: Don’t try to become civil aspirant, don’t give too much or too less focus in GS. Target 20-30 marks only. If you will try to go beyond this limit, it needs too much time and energy and you have to compromise on other sections.

➕ purchase chapter-wise previous years question book by ghatnachakra, read it first and analyze the hot spot topics(ex- vitamins, 5 year plans, days, article-32 of the Constitution etc. ) of SSC and note down these topics now only study these topics from Lucent or any other book that suits you most.

↪↪ till now you mUST have been noticed that i have given strong emphasis on previous year questions. This is because i strongly believe that in today’s time of neck to neck competition one needs focused and correct strategy to clear an exam like CGLE and without knowing what SSC wants how can we know what to deliver.

So please do an exhaustive analysis of previous year questions. Remember one thing’ मेहनत तो गधा भी करता हैl ‘

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