Job profile of Assistant in Other Ministries

Job profile of Assistant in Other Ministries

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We are sharing with you job profile of Assistant in Other Ministries by

I want to tell you about the profile of ASSISTANT IN OTHER MINISTRIES 4600 Grade Pay.(lets call it AOM)
First, I have worked for 4 months in one of the other ministries. So, I feel it is my duty as a former aspirant like yourself to tell you about its profile.

1. Which are the OTHER MINISTRIES?
There are many ministries or commissions or independent bodies which are not under any particular cadre. Examples are
1. Election commission   2. Central Information commission   3. Ministry of Parliamentary affairs   4. central administrative tribunal   5. Department of telecommunications

2. If you get selected in AOM, which ministry will you get?
Every year, DOPT asks all above organisations and many others not mentioned above to give data to fill the required vacant/new posts. These AOM then send this data.
Lets suppose there are 7 ministries. Their actual initials are A, B, C, D, M, S, T. and vacancies given by them is 1, 3, 21, 7, 18, 54, 2. So total vacancies are 106. Now, SSC does their magic. They take out the list of 106 students selected in AOM rankwise and allott it alphabaetically.
so, s1= A
s2= B
s3= C
S4= D
s5= M
s6= S
s7= T
s8= B (since vacancies in A are filled)
s9= C….so on.
SSC does not ask or care for your preferences.

3. Which are actually good organisations in AOM?
Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs is best.Although the work load is heavy in this one. Next best is Department of Telecommunications.It is very calm and tension free and good scientist jobs are available within this department but those are helpful for only Science background people.
ECI , CIC, CAT also have normal work load.

So, point no.2 is very cruel. You might want to get some particular organisation, but you will be allotted some other AOM.
This is very crucial also because time for joining is also different. DoT is fast in  giving joining, MoPA is fast. CIC takes 6 months.

2. Salary
It is same as assistant in CSS. So, you will get 47000+ gross and 43000+ in hand (6th CPC).

3. Training
There are no training facilities. Although you can request your organisation to let you join training programmes available in DOPT/ISTM.

4. Promotions
This is the most important point about this post. There are no departmental exams in AOM. So, you might remain assistant for 10 years or more. You might also get promoted in 5 years to SO if you are lucky. Since, AOM are small organisations compared to CSS or Railways or MEA, less vacancies are created every year. So expect to get a dead end job with no departmental exam to rescue you.

5. Transfer
All AOM are based in Delhi. Usually transfer chances are nil. But ECI might send you in other states for election duty.

6. Work Load
It totally depends on your seat and your boss. Work hard with sincerity and integrity and everything will be fine. Work load is manageable. It is a 9-5:30 job.

7. Other perks
Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs has some additional allowances. Other ministries have no perks.

8. Work Life balance
It is good. You will be working in same organisation for next 35 years unless you switch/resign. You will have enough time to prepare for exams. But office politics is very strong in small organisations if that concerns you.

9. Final Summary
I will say to avoid these posts. Don’t fill these posts only due to 4600 grade pay. It is better to fill auditor or divisional assistant post. You might feel that 4600 is better than 4200. But it is not the case. There is no exposure, no departmental exams, slow promotions, no growth. You will be stuck in same organisation for next 35 years. And if you get one of these AOM, kindly keep preparing for CSS or whatever suits you.

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