How to do preparation for Reasoning for SSC

How to do preparation for Reasoning for SSC

In new pattern every subject in tier 1 will include 25 questions. Reasoning will play an important role as it can give you accuracy of 100%, if you have prepared well.
he Reasoning Section has following topics

Series, Directions , Ranks , Arrangement Alphabet & Dictionary , Coding Decoding , Analogy , Classification/Odd Pair ,
Rule Detection, Triangle, Dices, Figure Formation, Completion of Pattern, Hidden/Embedded, Images, Paper Folding , Mirror Image and Figure Matrix, Syllogisms and Statement Conclusion.
People who have any maths /professional degree background will found very easy to solve reasoning. I will advised them to just read some basics practice alot. People who has non mathematics background having some problems.. I advise them to start loving no., albhapates order etc and try to learn logics in each question… It will broaden their view to solve any question.
Time should be given to this portion is around 20 minutes.
In reasoning portion, the main role is of How much your mind is logical and how quickly a logic clicks in your mind… It will not happen overnight… It requires lot of hard work and basics…
Lets understand by a question
Q. What will be next term In series 5, 17, 43, 89, 161…
You have to find out the logic as soon as possible else this may waste 2-3 minutes. The person who has done lots of practice in squares and cubes will find out the logic immediately… the logic used in series is n^3+(n+1)^2…for first term 1^3+(1+1)^2=1+4=5, So on the next term will be 6^3+7^2=265….It clear shows that there is no short cuts for reasoning… You just have to master the required basics and practice them more and more.. Generally Reasoning comes in CGL is of very easy level… You just have to do RS AGARWAL or BS sijwali and solve all previous years papers and practice sets which has very good difficulty level.
PS – I found this portion is easiest one among all subjects of TIER 1. So try to score as much as possible.. Don’t skip any single topic
Regards ramanujan sir

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