How to Write Effective Answers for UPSC CSE Mains 2016

Write Effective Answers for UPSC CSE Mains: Composing Well-Structured, Crisp and Clear Content in a limited time duration for UPSC Exams is one task which is quite tough to master. To be precise, you can’t learn everything in the vast syllabus that there is. Only sensible spontaneity of mind can help you write meaningful, effective answers in the examination hall. In this article, we will talk about a few strategies to hone your brain and to make you prepared mentally for writing effective answers in the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

Knowledge Acquisition

The very first step to writing an effective extract is knowing what to write, there being no substitute to knowledge in itself. The math remains simple: if you don’t know the answer, you can’t write it well. No writing skill or brain mechanism comes handy in the face of wrong answers when it comes to Civil Services Examination.

Your brain needs to be trained to acquire knowledge and loads of it. Read many books. Making notes of everything important that you read is another memory exercise that comes handy while preparing forUPSC Civil Services Examination. They aid quick and easy revision as well and are time saving.

Healthy Debating

Sometimes you might have a biased opinion on a particular topic due to varied reasons. To configure these biases you need to indulge in healthy discussions with friends and peers on important topics with an open mind.

This will help you gain an insight into a point-of-view that might be different from the one you have, thus exposing your brain to a wholesome picture. Open discussions train your brain to be more active towards acceptance of view that might be different from your own.

Be a Teacher

Another way to grasp complete understanding of a particular topic is to teach it to someone else, who doesn’t understand that topic.


It is a fact that you can only teach someone else when you completely understand that topic yourself.

Broaden Your Understanding

After you make a list of all the important topics that require detailed study from the exam perspective, gather important information about the topic from more than one source. Study the topic from all the viewpoints before jumping to conclusions straightaway.

Broadening your understanding is an effective way to prepare your mind for writing impactful answers.

About Originality and  Analytics

The thing about effective answers is that they are no walk in the park. While basic knowledge is important to write an answer, just that won’t be enough. Close look at the UPSC papers and you will notice that every question asked requires a lot of brainstorming and analysis over topics to be formed into an answers.

UPSC Civil Services Examination does not want you to mug up answers for exam, they are looking for a mind who can ‘think’ and would be grateful to find one. The main assessment of your answer happens on the way you analyse the situations, topics.

Thus, it is important that you read the question clearly and analyse the topic, then ingrain you point of you with knowledge you have gained by study

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