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We are sharing with you tips from SSC CGL Preparation tips by Ramanujam sir.

SSC CGL HTP – 2, Different categories of Students and their weak and Strong areas in CGL… ..
First of all let’s see the weightage of every subject in tier 1+Tier 2
Maths +Reasoning (Similar subject) :50+50+200=300
English :50+200=250
Total =600
As every student is of different caliber, different interest in subjects, from different background so i have classified them in five different categories
1. Student from English Medium school background and have Mathematics in high school and college (Engineering, BSC in maths, MBA etc)
2. Students from hindi medium and have Mathematics in high school and college (Engineering, BSC maths , MBA etc)
3. Students from English school background but don’t have Mathematics background in high school or college (like BA, BSC in medical)
4. Students from Hindi medium Background and don’t have Mathematics background in high school or college (like BA, BSC without maths )
5. Students with English literature background in high school and college

Preparation tips –
Category 1. These people are on great advantage to do preparation out of 4 subjects in CGL (Reasoning, GK, Maths, English) their mind is already familiar with all subjects other than GK… Most of the engineering students complete RS agarwal for maths and reasoning in 3rd year of engineering only because of questions asked in placement, similarly for English as it is also asked during Placement… So if they start preparation for CGL they require least time for preparation.. And they Also don’t require any coaching for preparation as their concepts for 3 out of 4 subjects is already clear… They just have to focus on GK which is not a big issue as GK is not a scoring subject… Most of the good gk students also get only 20-25 marks in Gk which can’t overcome the lead taken by the students in other 3 categories which has 550 out of 600 marks …

Category 2:- The main issue for these type of students is English and GK… As the GK can be compensated by good score in maths and reasoning, the main problem for them is English

Category 3: The main issue for these students is Reasoning +Maths and GK, preparation is tougher than category 1 and 2…English is not a big issue for them… But they can improve their maths +reasoning by coaching or self study, Generally They are very good in GK

Category 4: The preparation of CGL for this category people is most difficult in my opinion… They have to prepare each and every subject from very beginning except GK… Gk is their main Forte…It is very much necessary for them to get Coaching or to take any external help for the preparation of CGL …
I found many successful UPSC and State PCS Aspirants from category 3 & 4only. Many times we see a person with very low rank in CGL or not qualified in CGL and cleared the UPSC and PCS belongs to Category 3 and 4….
Category 5- Students from this category has very great command on English which has very high portion in marks (250 out of 600)…They just want guidance in English and maths as they are generally not bad in gk… I saw many students who got ultimate selection in CGL on the basis of high class English and average maths and Reasoning…
So first recognize in which category you fall and start the preparation for the subjects in which you are weak…

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