How To Crack SBI – Clerk 2016

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We are sharing how to crack SBI Clerk in 10 days

Only 10 days is left for the most awaited examination of the year i.e. SBI – Clerk – Prelims which is to be conducted for the recruitment in nationalized banks. All of you must have been thinking about how to give your preparation the required amount of throttle and how to cross the hurdle of exam. These all questions start getting tougher as we move further specially with the Tips & Strategies. These Tips & Strategies are :

English Language 

Providing instructions to crack English Language section has been mysterious over the years. As a matter of fact, it is a simple mantra that can make this section as easy as it is. Successful people don’t do different things. They do things differently. Not only hard but also smart work leads to success.


We are providing you with some tips to solve the English Language section which consists of 30 Questions. Abiding by these tips will help you to solve this section in just 10-15 minutes.


Syllabus for English Language: Although SBI Clerk Prelims does not provide any particular syllabus, the Mahendra Guru Team of Mahendras has come up with topics to be prepared for Exam.
The topics list: This part covers following topics:-

  • Comprehension
  • Cloze Test
  • Spotting Errors
  • Sentence rearrangement
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Misspelt/ Inappropriate Words
  • Error Detection

Tips – 

1) Read the Titles, sub titles and photo captions of the front page, National News Report page, International News Report page, Sports News Report page and Financial News Report page. You can get all of these on our / Digi Notes of GA / MG weekly pocket.


2) Reading such things will not only enhance your vocabulary but also improve your grammar. You should go through our digi pages and digi notes to improve your knowledge.


3) Reading at least 3 paragraphs of articles given in the Editorials of The Hindu/Financial Express/Economic Times/Business Line. It will help you in enhancing your preparation for comprehensions/cloze test/rearrangement of sentences.


For any problems, consult in the offline PSS at the branch or in the online live PSS only on


4) Put special focus on Verb, Tense, Prepositions, Articles n Conjunctions for grammar and financial topics for Reading Comprehensions/Cloze Tests/Rearrangement of Sentences.



Quantitative Aptitude


Tips & strategies for Quantitative Aptitude section


As far as clerk (prelims) is concerned, the below chapters are of utmost importance:

  1. Simplification
  1. Percentage/profit & loss
  1. Simple interest/Compound interest
  1. Ratio & proportion
  1. Data interpretation
  1. Number series
  1. Time & work
  1. Speed, time & distance
  1. Permutation & Combination/Probability

Data interpretation is an integral part of the clerk (prelims) exam. You should focus on the basics of percentage, ratio & proportion, Compound interest & average.


Nowadays, number series is very important and asked in almost every bank exam. So, comprehensive information is required related to it like addition series, multiplication series, divide series, and multiplication with fractional numbers

Firstly, you have to understand and analyse the graphs, and go through the given information.

Secondly, you should have an ability of calculating orally in the graphs so as to save your time
You should make a cluster of 100 questions of data interpretation and practise it with effective time management so as to get efficiency in DI.


Take one online ST every day with proper analysis.

Reasoning Ability
Tips & strategies to crack Reasoning section


As far as Clerk prelims is concerned, the topics given below are very important.


  1. Alphanumeric series
  1. Substitution coding
  1. Syllogism


  1. Seating arrangement / Puzzle
  1. Inequalities
  2. Ranking
  1. Blood relation

We should focus on the basics of these chapters along with accuracy, efficiency and time management. Time management is one of the most essential factors to crack this section. For that, you have to make a cluster of 50 questions and practise it within the scheduled time. This must be a daily practice to get an optimum accuracy level. Speed tests are the major speed boosters to overcome the speed issue.


Sitting arrangement and puzzles are very important for the prelims exam. Puzzles are a series of interlinked information, and you are expected to have the ability of quantitative analysis of data in order to reach quick and correct conclusions. For that, you must explore definite information given in the question and link it with the invisible information. The same applies for sitting arrangement.

Remember! Effective time management including strong basics is the only key to success.

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