You may get extension in joining time up to six months in central govt jobs. But it depends upon the ground of extension. Normally 3 months extension will be given to the candidates from the date of issue of Offer of Appointment. There are some examples/cases where the concerned zone has not entertained further request of extension. (i.e. for remaining 3 months).

If within the specified period, a request is received from the candidate for extension of time, it may be considered by the departments but extension beyond three months should not be granted and it may be granted only as an exception where facts and circumstances so
warrant and in any case only up to a maximum of six months from the date of issue of the original offer of appointment.

An offer on appointment would lapse automatically after the expiry of six months from the date of issue of the original offer of appointment. The candidates who join within the above period of six months will have their seniority fixed under the seniority rules applicable to the service/post concerned to which they are appointed, without any depression of seniority.

If, even after the extension(s), if any, granted by the departments, a
candidates does not join within the stipulated time (which shall not exceed a period of six month), the offer of appointment should lapse.

An order of appointment which has lapsed should not ordinarily be revived later, except in exceptional circumstances and on grounds of public interest.

If a person is already in job, say in a bank where one needs to serve a notice period for 1 or more months, he can also seek extension in joining on this very ground. But not more than 6 months in any case.

Credits: Maha Gupta Sir

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