Luck factor in exams by binayak sir

By Binayak Mondal

Friends all of us know that preparing for govt jobs & getting it is not a task to do overnight. It needs time, patience & Hard work. But not only your hard work is sufficient to achieve it. As per my personal experience there is a need of luck also. May b u people would differ with me. Now the question always arises in my mind how I can control my luck. But always got reply in negetive. I can control my study, my hard work, but never my luck.
Now in this situation you people would ask me ….”so can we depend upon such a thing which is beyond my control”.
I so no….
Luck is such a thing which is absoluted god gifted but can be acquired.
God is not blind he watches all the things very closely. He gifts it some people by birth ….they are 1% in number…but we are among those 99% who fight, fight, & fight till the end…..and can achieve their goals at final stage.
Dr. Kalam’s one quote always motivates me that is…..” if u want to shine in life like sun…then u have to burn yourself like it.”
Now in this situation those who are fighting but can not achieve ur goals are nothing but being burnt to make a golden Sun. This is the process to build ur luck also. God makes ur good luck in this period.
Sree Ramachandra was the avatar of lord Vishnu. He was the real example of bad lucked person. He lost his home at youth & spend 12 years in jungle being a prience. He kept himself without his wife Seeta for a long period. After defeating Ravanaa he returned his native land Ayodhya….but peace could not stay with him. Only for his duty he was forced to keep Seeta in ashrama when he was dreaming to be father of son or daughters. Not saying about the climax….all know it.

Now this bad lucked person is being worshipped by every Hindu. He defeted his bad luck. He was god himself he could achieve good luck if he wished to achieve it. But he did not…why? Only to teach us a lesson that how much adverse the situation becomes you have to be iron strong. One day god will gift you more than your desire.
There is a line in Hindi which forces me to stay intact in hard times…that is….’Bhagwan jab nhi deta toh kuchh nhi deta, magar jab deta hai chhappad fad ke deta hai…’

So guys dont be upset while your bad luck comes….it is the welcome note of your good … luck.

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