SSC CGL 2015 Interview Experience Part 28

From – Nitin Chaprana

07/03/16 reporting tym :10:30
I was Diverted to CR, LUCKNOW, AP sen girls college, BOARD 7 SR NO. 2
F1, M1, M2 ,C(chairman)
interview 12:50 se 1:06 tak chala..
After entering i wished them gud afternoon..
Chairman Sir quickly went through my biodata

u r from Meerut I said yes sir
U have done btech I replied yes sir
U have volunteered in CWG games.. u have donated blood
After coming to work experience column of biodata : omg y u wanna come in govt sector despite having this huge salary and much reputed company
Me: told like I was not comfortable then he said but employer was comfortable otherwise they might have already fired ..
I explained convincingly
M1: tell me smth about Nitin mukesh ( my name was Nitin)
Me : told
M1: tell me smth about Nitin Desai
Me : I told that he is art designer in b’wood movies ( example : lage raho munna Bhai ,munna Bhai MBBS)
M1: what’s the difference between these movies and what’s the message of these movies
Me: Told
M1: what’s the message of oh my god and 3idiots
Me: told
M2: so u have done ur btech in IT .what’s need of it tell me with simple example.
Me: told.
M2: is IT possible without internet?
M2: generation me computer?
Me: told
M2: when computer first came in India and who brought it?
Me : sry sir I don’t know
M2 asked one more question which I didn’t know I said sry .(I’m not able to recall that question now)..
F1: what is diamond how it is formed where it is found in india.
Me.I told lalitpur in up.(it was wrong answer)
F1: why Jharkhand and kolar are famous?
Me: told
C: y Punjab is called Punjab
Me: because of 5 rivers..I could only name 3 river
C: who appoints judges ?
Me : told
C: difference between fundamental rights and directive prin. of state policy?
Me: told
C: what is NJAC full form and what it is?
Me: told
C: so now NJAC appoints ?
Me: no sir it’s not in implementation now..still collegium system is working.
C:OK.u may leave now.
I thanked them all.

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