SSC CGL 2015 Interview Experience Part 22

From – Ashw Ani

Interview experience 
Number – 464 
3 person in panel 2 female 1 male
Entered in the room with permission
Panel was very sweet cooperative but fast they permitted me to sit…
F1 – what’s your preference ? 
Told – I.T.I.
F1- why do you want to be an I.T.I
Told very nicely with full confidence ( Isi question Ki practice Ki )
F1 – what are Direct Tax ?
F1 – what is T.D.S. ? 
Sorry mam don’t know
She gave some hint then I told her……
F1- how many people are corrupt in India?
Sorry mam don’t know confidently
F1 – according to your opinion tell me…..
I said I don’t have any official data ? 
M1 – mam is asking just your opinion?
F1 – if I 10 person randomly how many will be corrupt ? According to your opinion
I thought for 10 -20 I seconds then said 1 out of ten.
F2 – you did in P.C.M. ?
Yes madam
F2- what is calculus?
Sorry madam don’t know.
F2 – what is formula of area of circle ? 
F2 – what is the value of ㅠ ?
F2 – what is the difference between geometry and trigonometry?
M1 – you said that your hobbies are discussing current topics with friends… So tell me some current topics and your opinion .
I told some topics like JNU, INTOLERANCE, JAAT MOVEMENT. 
explain some things on jaat movement in a positive way ( I prepared already) 
M1 – who appoint C.J.I.? 
I ANSWERED ‘ president’ 
M1 – what is collegium system ? 
M2 – is there any problem with this? 
Told ( because already knew ) 
And I told about National Judiciary Appointment Commission and I also told about some problems in it. 
Then they said its okay……
I Thanked them…..

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