SSC CGL 2015 Interview Experience Part 13

From – Rohit Negi

‪#‎Interview‬– Bangalore, Board- 1, time-10:30 ( lekin 03:15 pm pe hua), Duration – 15 minute approx, B. tech Mechanical, Marks – 447.5
3 Male 1 Female
# Tell me about valley of Flower ( As i m from Uttarakhand)

# Headquarter of your District
Female Member
# u r working as Accountant in Central Govt. why u appearing again, i told better pay scale and for home region.
# what new scheme delhi govt started – Odd Even
What is odd even, what r rules, success rate and what about implementation of it in whole Country. 10 minute to isi topic pe baat hui.
2nd Male
# Jalandhar ( my university) is how far from ur home town ?
# What is Composite…. No idea
# FRC… No idea; I told its been 6 year since i completed graduation so dont remember,
# tell all theromdynamics Law… Forgot
3rd Male
# what is new discovery related to Einstein? (Gravitational Waves )
# what cricket tournament is going on these days ( ny hobby Cricket playing and watchin)
Is it round robin or Knock out tournament ?
Completed. Average hi hua, Chalo Auditor to mil hi jayega Dehradun me…
Now going for CPT

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