SSC CGL 2015 Interview Experience Part 24

From – Deepak Meena

Interview experience (NR)
Date – 4 march 2016
TIME – 11:30 A.M.
BOARD(3) 4 Members (3M + 1F)
After documents verification a person took my BIO-DATA FORM and along with me go to room no. 10-c 8th floor in cgo complex. He give my bio-data form to the panel and told me after bell i should go in the room.
after some time the bell rang. I entered the room with permission.
Madem: yes, please come in.
Me : Sir, Madem apko namaskar.
The team look at me from head to feet. As i was dressed well.
They say please sit down.
Me : Thank you.
M1 : Mr. DEEPAK You are from pcm.
Me : yes mam.
Then she consult with the other members and give my bio data form to another member . he was a subject expert.
M1: What is the basic difference between petrol and deasel?
Me : sorry sir.
M1 : What is the basic difference b/w car and and aeroplane?
Me : told.
M1 : What is the basic difference b/w a helicopter and an aeroplane ?
Me : sorry sir.
M1 : What is organic compound?
Me : told.
M1 : What is aeromatic compound ?
Me : told.
M1: What is the formula of hydrochloric acid?
Me : told
then he ask me many formulas as sulphuric acid, methene, ethene, methenol, ethenol, nitric acid etc.
me: told every formulas as these are simple for anybody.
M1: What is the full form of LPG, CNG, PNG?
Me. told lpg and cng but sorry for png.
M1: tell me the compound of petro.
Me: told.
Then he told mam that subject me thik h and he give my bio data form to another member.
M2: you writh up in your hobby that ap frnds se discuss karke apne ideas banate ho.
Me. yes sir.
M2. then think as we are your frnds and share your ideas on current issues with us.
Me. sure sir . then i share my ideas about Jnu vivad as it was a hot topic for discuss.
M2 : only look my face but have no words for saying bcoz i told everything in detail about JNU. by his face expressions i think he was very much satisfied with my ideas.
M2 : where is konark?
Me: sorry sir, padha hua to h par philhal memories nhi ho rha h?
M2: sure u have read it?
Me: yes sir, konark ka surya mandir famous h.
M2 : okey. then he gave my bio data form to other member.
M3 : You live in Tirupati nagar, Jagatpura, jaipur rajasthan ?
Me: yes sir.
M3: tell me the meaning of tirupati?
Me: sir perhaps balaji. then immediately i told sorry sir confirm nhi h.
M3: i think this is shri krishna. then other member told that rajasthan me tirupati ko balaji hi kahte h and the mam told that tirupati ka meaning hota h three hands wala. they themselves began to discuss on tirupati. one member told M3 that u also live in tirupati u should knew the exact meaning of tirupati.
i only listen but don’t interfare in there discuss.
M3: You have wrote a great think that aap clean india mission and make in india mission se jude huye ho.
Me: yes sir.
then tell kya clean india mission se kuch benifit hua h
i told sure sir and tell one benifit.
he told me only one benifit
i no no sir there are many field and told two more field.
he okey. now tell me the difference b/w MAKE IN INDIA AND MADE IN INDIA
WHAT IS the meaning of make for india and make for others.
Me told.
M3: TELL me the current 3 topic relating to sports, politics and economy related.
Me: in sports T20 WC. IN Politics Budget and in economy banking system.
M3 : okey.
mam ok now you can go.
me. thank you.
when i was standing from chair they also complement for me GOOD , NICE SENSE etc.

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