SSC CGL 2015 Interview Experience Part 27

From – Vikram Kundu

NR delhi
Board 5
1M + 2 F
1. asked mostly about jat reservation topic. why they asking for quota?
2.the sum of money that got destroyed ?
3.Who all suffered and what will be its impacts on haryana and its people ?
4.Why women not treated in good manner in Haryana ?
5.Modi scheme …. how digital india is connecting all other schemes together ?
6. Do fertilizers are manufactured anywhere in India and if yes where?
7. How your engineering knowledge will be helpful to our public sector?
F2: 1. Who started Green revolution and where ?
2. who started White Revolution and what it is ?
3. Leading state for Milk production ?
4. Female CM of states ?
5. What are Fundamental rights ? Explain
M (Technical): Checked all my certificates of extra co curricular and blood donation.
1. what is Modulation ?
2. Its types ?
3. Asked to make a waveform using two waves while amplitude
modulating them ?
4. and phir pata nahi kya frequency modulation k baare mein pucha
mujhe to ques hi nahi samajh aaya.
5. Why CSS as first preference.
No ques from hobby or extra co curricular. Lasted 17 minutes. but when it got over i thought sirf 5 minutes hi hui hain.

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