SSC CGL 2015 Interview Experience Part 14

From – Vaibhav Garg

interview experience….
1c 2 m 1 f

( theatre artist as well in delhi dance)
ques start:
1c- tell 5 indian dance name
me- kattak kuchipudi bharatnatyam ghumr kalbeliya
tech bnda 1m: tell me wht is instrument
me: told adha adhura
1m- tell me galvanomtr error ameter 12 th practical 2-3 ques
me- told-sorry sir
1m: hw to produce light
me; blank due to nrvs(it was vry negative fr me)
chairman point out this it cn go agnst wd u…
2m: give a maths ques :
me: solved
1f- saarc full form
me : told correct
1f- told its member
me: told correctly
1f- tell 5 eminent theatre person
me- told but wo aur kuch sunna chahti thi
1f – ftii pune case
me- mixed with sensor board case tht was wrong
chairman- barc
me- told
c- where
me- glt bta diya
c- last ques united nation k lst country ki mudra?
me – glt btaya

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