SSC CGL 2015 Interview Experience Part 15

From – Raj Singh

My interview experience:
Venue: Allahabad,
date 3/3/2016
Name: Varun Yadav,
Qualification: in biotech
There were 4 members in the panel,

Ques1: Why didn’t you opt a career in biotech.
Me: told,
2: Why you left Sbi PO job,
me; told,
3: what is recombinant dna technology,
4. what is organic farming? its pros and cons.
5. What are the composition of bio gas?
6. What are HYV seeds?
7. What are direct tax, indirect tax, Minimum alternate tax, Capital gains tax?(As i got TA cbdt last year,so they asked these questions)
8. What is CSR?
9. How many districts in U.P.
10. Which is the latest district in U.P.
11. Tell everything you know about Zika Virus.
12. Explain Philanthropy?
13. Name the recently cloned buffalo? Name the city where it has been done.
14. What is the benefit of cloning?
2-3 more questions from family background.
Panel was very supportive, they gave me hints wherever they felt I can give good answer.

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