SSC CGL 2015 Interview Experience Part 12

From – Susheel Chharang

Interview Experience(01/03/206) , marks- 458(OBC)
Venue -SSCNR(Dellhi) ; Panel – 06
Graduation – B.SC B.ED(PCM)
Board – 4Members(3M+1F)
Reporting Time – 11:30AM
First document verification done and after that around 3:15 they call for interview
I enered and wish them all Good afternoon sir and madam and M1(Chairman) said to seet and i sat and said thanks
M1 : So you have done B.Sc have you read pysics, chemistry and maths
ME : Yes sir
M1 : What is escape velocity ?
ME : answered
M 1 : What is value of escape velocity?
ME : answered (11.2km/s)
M 1 : kinetic energy and potential enegry?
ME : answered (chairman look fully satiesfied and said so sweet and i smiled a little more)
M 1 : gravitation wave? benefit? LIGO ?
ME : answerd( in full confidence)
fir chaiman sir stephen hawkins ki bat karne lag gaye aur khud hi batane lag gaye ki wo aise hai ye wo aur mai bhi ha mai ha milane laga
Now chiraman said to lady member to ask question…
F : what is log ? draw graph of logx?
ME : answered and draw curve using value( she was not fully satisafied but i didnt care)
Then M 1 said annother member to ask
M 2 : what is red corridor? name to state?
ME : answered and told only 2 states name
M 2 : what is economic survey??
ME- answere( he lookes satisfied)
M 2 : what is first prefrence?
M 2? why ITI ?
ME : answered but in desi style so all members laughed and chairman said to repeat answer as i repeated they again laughed ans said so sweet answer.( me 2 laughed)
now ball goes to last member
M 3 : value of 499*501 in one word
ME : so simple a2 – b2( answerd and he was satisfied)
Now M 3 said he has done no more questions , so chairman said you may leave beta , i wished thanks to all with simey and left the room…
amazing experience—:)
kareeb 10 minute chala i was in full confidence and smiling during whole time everyone was happy and panel was very cooperative and very coardial….

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