SSC CGL 2015 CPT Experience Part 36

From – Raj Singh

CPT Experiece:
Name: Varun Yadav
Venue: SIET, Allahabad.
Date: 18/03/2016
1. No documents verified. (Already verified in interview)

2. Need one photograph, CPT admit card and one Pen to be carried at CPT venue.
3. They divided 150 candidates into six batches of 25 candidates in each batch.
4. Same formality of writing one paragraph in your own handwriting.
5. Then they took all of us to computer lab.
6. Authenticity of candidate was checked by Biometric finger print in the lab, also one (rude) mam was there who took photograph of every candidate with digital cam.
7. HP keyboards were there in good working condition.
8. Then final battle begin: I did 2 minute practice paragraph within time and ease. I thought it will be a cakewalk to qualify this typing test.
            Then came the real para of 15 minutes and 2000 characters, I could only hear the sound of keys in the hall, that made me nervous and my fingers started trembling. I was unable to type one single word with accuracy. i felt every other candidate is typing and laughing at me.(it was my blunder, I should concentrate on me rather than others, it made me more nervous).
            Finally i thought CSS is not my cup of tea. and I stopped typing for nearly one minute. I tried to recollect my confidence(BTW my typing speed is 34-35wpm). I knew i can do it. So i started again and with slow speed, this time i dint think of what will happen i just concentrated on my accuracy. At last i finished whole para in 13.5 mins, and corrected 4-5 mistakes that i did earlier. 🙂

9. excel and ppt was easy. Excel was based on increase/decrease and percent formula. PPT carried hardly 7-8 lines in text box. completed both well in time.
     moral of the story: Please don’t get panic in typing, do it in slower speed than ur usual speed and you will attain ur rhythm after 1-2 lines.


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