SSC CGL 2015 Interview Experience Part 34

Name : Arun Kumar vedi

date 15 march 2016
region NR
Batch code 7 serial num 5

i reached there 30 mins before the reporting time….
successfully got my documents varified…and then came the time to face the brilliant minds ….
i entered the room
there were four members in the panel
Head (H) m1 m2 and female(f) and wished good morning to female first and then the others
head told me to sit,,,, i thanked and sat down….
Entire interview was in Hindi
H : ok so you are from up
me : yes sir , i m from uttar pradesh
H : Etawah ? kaafi gunda gardi hoti hai tumhare yahan ,,,(smiled) achha etawah ki sbse anokhi cheej kya hai ?
me : told about the ultra firtile soil ,,
H: aur kuch ?
me : told about production of ghee and coton
H : you are very close to ans
me : (i chose not to guess) that’s all i know sir,,,
H : accha koi baat nhi …u r graduated from chaudhari charan singh pg college ?? kaun the ye??/
me : (i was 200% sure that this question will surely be asked) told each and everything about him with utmost confindence
(i mentioned that i had played some district level tournaments during my graduation and presented some certificates corroborating that )
H : oho district level cricket khela hai ???/
me : yes when i was in my graduation i used to play cricktet at district level…
H : accha cricket me aajkal kya chal rha hai
me : icc world t20
H : aaj kitne match hain aur kin kin ke beech men hai aur un sab ke venues kya hain
me : sir aaj india Vs newzealand ka match hai aur ye match nagpur men hai aur aaj keval ek hi match hi hai ( but i was wrong )
H : (angrily) kyun ladies cricket nhi khelti hai kya ???aaj unka bhi ek match hai bhai pata hona chahiye wo inse accha khelti hain
..chalo…koi teen female player k naam btao
me : jhulan goswami , anjum chopra and mithali raaj
//* Head also gave me a case study of a cricket match and asked few question from that case study which will be too long to type but it was easy … i answered every question from it … any cricket lover wud have solved it easily it was easy *//
then he cocked his head towards the only female and asked her to ask me few questions
F : tumne yahan mention kiya hai ki tumne BTC kiya hai ye hota kya hai
me : told
F : equivalent to B.Ed.
me : haan kah skte hain
F : ores of alluminiun and iron
me : told
F : chemical process of refining petrochemicals
me : sorry i dont know
F :geostationary sattelite
me : told .,,(but she doesn seem to be satisfied)
F : name all the oceans and sea nearby our country with directions
me : named well with the directions
f : name five latin american countries
me : told
(she said good )
male 1 : how many loksabha , rajyasabha , mla,,, and mlc seats are in up
me : sir. give me some time ,(he smiled and said ..take your time )….i told about lokshabha , rajyasabha,, and mla seats but cudnt tell mlc seats
male 1 asked few more questons about current affairs and constitutiion and i answered most of them ,,,but the real insult happend when male 2 came into play …HE ASKED ME FOUR QUESTIONS* FROM ECONOMICS IN A ROW AND I GAVE HIM FOUR SORRY’s WITH UTMOST EMBARASSEMENT IN A ROW…
*i can even remember those economics questions
# no question from post graduation was asked /
…… thanks to those who had already shared his/her interview experiences it really helped me a lot….
if anyone wants to know anything …can ask me freely about anything…….. from document verifiacation to interview…..

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