SSC CGL 2015 Interview Experience Part 33

From – Ravindra Ravi

Hi All,
I am Ravindra Babu 
Interview Date: 08/03/16 Reporting time:11:00 Interview time :15:50
Place: Chennai Board : 2

There are 4 members in the panel 3M,1F
m1: chairman
m2: subject expert
m3 : current affairs
f: general knowledge
Entry into interview hall wished all of them good afternoon
M1: said to sign on the paper and asked about my native
me: said
m1: u r preparing for govt exams after completing ur studies?
me: yes sir i have been preparing
m1: did u selected in anything
me: told about ibps po interview completed waiting for the result
m1:will you go to ibps po or ssc cgl and why?
me: i will go to cgl sir because cgl has more salary more respect in the society interrupted by m1
m1: ok tell me about ism where it is selected?(as my place famous for coal mines)
me: told answer correctly he said very good
m1: what is ccmb?where it is located?
me: told
m1: who said lines “Give me blood , I will give you freedom”
me: told subhash chandra bose
m1:good..who said we the people
me:said sorry sir i dont know and asked two questions one i said correctly now it turn to m2
m2: seeing my certificates u studied applied physics in ur btech tell me waht does it mean and how l u apply in daily life
me: explained clearly but not satisfied
m2: what is circut?
m2: what are the elements in the circuit?
m2:what is capacitance?
me told
m2: units of capacitance?
me: told
m2:what is dielectrci field?
me: started slowly he added few words
m2:what is distribution systems?
m2:what are transformers?
me: told
m2: what are the types and draw the circuit?
me: told and drawn
m2 how can we convert ac to dc?
me: told
m2: what are rectifiers and types?
me told
m2:what is forward bias and reverse bias?
me: told forward bias reverse bias drwan incorrectly
m3: delhi police has signed an mou with whom?
me: dont know sir
m3:it signed with isro what is the full form?
me told
m3 why it has signed ?
me: no idea sir.sorry
m3:school on wheels program launched by which state govt
me : sorry sir
m3: who is mrunalini sarabhai
me : told correctly
f: what are fundamental rights?
me : told
f; asked one question could not remember
f: who wrote dicovery of india
me: said correctly
m1: ok ravindra u can go
me wished everyone thank you came outside…

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