FAQs regarding CPT

FAQ 1- In excel, Will we have to create diagram or pie chart?
Answer- Nope, You will not have to make diagram or pie chart. SSC has not asked to create diagram or pie chart so far in excel. Still you can learn some basic diagram and pie charts.
FAQ 2- Typing qualifying nature ka hoga ya nahi?
Answer- Yes, It is of qualifying nature. There is certain percentage error allowed for each category e.g. for general, 5% error is allowed.
FAQ 3- Is CPT a tough nut to crack as I am from non technical background and don’t know much about excel and power point?
Answer- CPT is a cake walk. You just need to know basic stuffs of excel and powerpoint.
FAQ 4- From where will I get sample Excel and PPT exercises?
Answer- Sample Excel and PPT questions are available in file section of TARGET INTERVIEW group. You can also visit SSCNAUKARI.in to download sample excel and ppt excercises.’
FAQ 5- What will be asked in Excel in CPT?
Answer- In excel, you need to know some basic mathematical formula e.g. addition,subtraction,multiplication,division,average,Maximum, Minimum, Absolute Increase/Decrease, Percentage Increase/Decrease, header,footer etc.
FAQ 6- Will we have to create slides or animations in PPT?
Answer- No, you will not be asked to create animation. They will just give you a print of a slide. You just have to create it.
FAQ 7- What will be the font size or font name? Can I take font size and font name according to my convenience?
Answer- You will get proper instruction regarding this. There will be information about font size and font name and You just have to use that font size and font name only.
FAQ 8- If I faill in CPT,will I be disqualified and will not get any post?
Answer- No need to worry. If you fail in CPT, you will be considered for your next preferred post.
FAQ 9- What should one know in PPT?
Answer- One should know how to take different slides and layouts e.g. blank slide, TITLE SUBTITLE slide etc., How to add header and footer, How to fill colors in a box,How to change font name and font size etc.
FAQ 10- How much time will I get for CPT?
Answer- You will get 15 minutes each for every section e.g. typing, excel and ppt.
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