SSC CGL 2015 Interview Experience Part 7

Done with interview
Education : BA History
Dt : 29/02/2016
Mumbai board#1 4members
I was First candidate + wore suit+tie
Questions asked:

From where u did ur graduation
Role of religion for saving environment with example of plant + animal
Use of History in present time.
Draught relief measures
Water tanker, safety measures
First person of country
President, elected or selected?
Vice President
N their election
In which part of Maharashtra their is huge potential of tourism development
Maharashtra formation movement, regions formed Maharashtra
Central point of India
Total states in India
Telangana was part of which state before independence
First post preference
Why ITI? To earn extra money?
How u will tackle corruption if selected in ITI
Shahjahan’s north east policy
Body donation procedure
Why do u want to join SSC posts
No questions from experience, hobby, they r focused on my native place n draught

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